Bill Colligan


William E. Colligan
Executive Vice President & General Manager of ATM

Bill Headshot


Bill Nieuwkerk
President & General Manager, Selex ES Inc. 



Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens
Chief Financial Officer, Selex ES Inc.




Aaron Caldwell

Aaron Caldwell
Customer Service Manager




Jennifer_Campbell Jennifer Campbell
Director, U.S. Government Programs Liaison

Kenny Cleveland Kenneth Cleveland
Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Luke Jones

Luke Jones
Vice President of Quality & Risk Management

Ross Juriet

Ross Jureit, JD
General Counsel 




021914-01-049 Nate Maloney
Vice President of Marketing & Communications

Laxmi Laxmi N. Pabbathi
Vice President of Manufacturing Operations
Jeff Pettijohn Jeff Pettijohn
Vice President of Engineering

Kevin Sivits Kevin Sivits
CTO, ATM Systems

Terry Thomas

Terry Thomas
Director of Programs





Alicia Worthey
Human Resources Director