Our Markets: Foreign Military

Foreign Military Equipment developed by Leonardo Selex ES is operated by the United States Air Force, United States Navy, United States Army, and approved foreign militaries around the world in support of mission execution. We provide equipment to foreign militaries via either direct sales or through US Government Foreign Military Sales (FMS) and Foreign Military Financing (FMF) through grant or direct loan basis.

The Selex ES equipment provides navigation and precision landing equipment vital for successful mission execution in all weather conditions. In addition to standard ICAO compliant coloring, Selex ES can provide equipment shelters, antenna arrays, and tower in color patterns adapted to local requirements and its conventional and doppler VORs may be fully integrated with third party TACAN systems. For precision approach requirements, Selex ES, Inc. has equipped approved foreign militaries from the Americas to Asia with Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) CAT I to CAT III with corresponding Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) to satisfy the needs for the AOR (area of responsibility). Selex ES‘s equipment supports security hardening to meet stringent information technology security requirements.