AeroBOSS™ Runway Collision Alerting System (RCAS)

Depositphotos_22809758_original-1The AeroBOSS Runway Collision Alerting System (RCAS) is an integrated module of the AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Alerting System (RIWS) that provides an added level of safety for vehicles operating near a runway during flight operations.

The module leverages the FAA’s ASDE-X/ASSC surveillance system to proactively notify a vehicle operator that an arriving aircraft is on final approach or that a departing aircraft is on the runway in immediate proximity. Visual indicators on the moving map display or through the dashboard alerting LED system, provide drivers with clear and unobtrusive indications that an aircraft is operating within the Runway Safety Area (RSA) or is about to occupy the RSA as an arrival. When in the event that a ground vehicle operates with an aircraft-occupied RSA, the system automatically generates an alert on the AeroBOSS Web Display an can create an event in third party Safety Management Systems (SMS) for further documentation. The RCAS system is available as an optional module to airports with FAA ASDE-X/ASSC systems or Leonardo’s ADS-B receiver.

Beyond RIWS

  • Additional safety designed specifically to prevent ground vehicle and aircraft collisions
  • Automatic event creation for SMS reporting and mitigation
  • Added situational awareness for driver of flight activity on runways
  • Improved operational safety during reduced visibility