The Selex ES Model 3300 WAM/ADS-B radio is the foundation of a full-featured wide area multilateration (WAM) or ADS-B ground network, integrating all equipment in existing telecommunications power delivery systems. It may be integrated with commercial off the shelf (COTS) AC-DC power supplies and battery chargers allowing easy adaptation to local power and backup requirements and provides redundant network outputs for high reliability surveillance networks.


The Selex ES Model 3300 radio consists of two components, the 1090 radio unit and UAT radio unit. Both units are mountable in an industry standard 19” rack, operating from -48 VDC power. The 1090 Radio Unit integrates all communications equipment and a 1, 2, or 4 channel 1090 receiver and 1090/1030 agile transmitter. The 1090 receiver can decode ATCRBS, Mode-S, and ADS-B surveillance replies and squitters, while meeting or exceeding degarbling requirements for DO-185B ATCRBS and DO-260B A3. The transmitter supports both generations of TIS-B/ADS-R target uplinks at 1090 MHz and interrogation legacy airborne transponders at 1030 MHz. the 1030 MHz interrogator supports Mode-A, Mode-C, and Mode-S (DF4/5 or DF20/21) interrogations. The UAT Radio Unit integrates a 1 or 2 channel UAT transceiver with a 1030 MHz receiver. The UAT transceiver operates on the 978 MHz band and receives UAT ADS-B target reports and generates TIS-B/ADS-R target uplinks and FIS-B uplinks. The 1030 MHz receiver decodes Mode-A, Mode-C, and Mode-S interrogations.