AEROBOSS Flight Operations Management

AEROBOSS™ Flight Operations Management

100% Web-based without client downloads

ipad-horizontal-rtsmReal-Time Surface Management System (SMS)

AeroBOSS provides real-time situational awareness of flights and ground vehicles in and around an airport using a web-based application on any PC or mobile device. AeroBOSS provides a comprehensive view of the airport, its flight operations, ground vehicle movements, scheduled operations and NOTAM data, all using an intuitive map based display.

Flight Tracking (ADS-B, ASDE-X, A-SMGCS)

flight-tracking-mockupsAeroBOSS can consume and display flight track and flight plan data from multiple data sources, like the FAA’s SWIM Program, ASDE-X or ICAO/EuroControl Compliant A-SMGCS platforms. AeroBOSS can also consume and display data from Leonardo’s own FAA certified ADS-B Stations or from operations management’s ADS-B receivers. In addition, AeroBOSS can consume and display data from Surface Movement Radars (SMR) or millimeter FOD detection systems using industry standard ASTERIX or XML formats.

Integrated flight track and meta-data fusion allow an airport to leverage multiple surveillance systems and data feeds to achieve full surface coverage. That coverage is matched to flight plan information to provide users with an intuitive “one flight - one target” perspective of movements in and around the airfield or aerodrome.

Diversion Management

Diversion ManagementThe AeroBOSS Diversion Management module helps airport personnel track flights during irregular operations at their facilities or at a facility that is receiving flights from another airport. Through the use of fused data, an airport receives the most accurate and timely data available for use in the planning, execution and recovery from irregular operations to help prevent Passenger Bill of Rights violations, improve passenger experience, reduce tarmac delays and to return to normal operations as effectively as possible.


  • 100% Web-based – without client downloads
  • Integrated GIS mapping engine
  • Full ownership of data by client
  • Command and Control functions
  • Customizable map views and data layers
  • Fully hosted in T-1 Data Center facility