AEROBOSS™ Ground-Traffic Collision Alerting System

Alert runway area drivers of nearby aircraft.

Ground_traffic_G_TCASThe AeroBOSS Ground Traffic Collision Alerting System (G-TCAS) is an integrated module of the AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Alerting System (RIWS) that provides an added level of safety for vehicles operating on the surface of an airport in proximity to aircraft. The module leverages the FAA’s ASDE-X/ASSC surveillance system to proactively monitor the movement area of an airport, compare the location of an RIWS equipped vehicle and notify a vehicle operator of a potential conflict with an aircraft. Visual indicators on the moving map display or through the dashboard alerting LED system, provide drivers with clear and unobtrusive indications that their vehicle is in close proximity to an aircraft and that the trajectory of the two could lead to a conflict. The G-TCAS system is available as an optional module to airports with FAA ASDE-X/ASSC systems or Leonardo’s ADS-B receiver.

Beyond RIWS

  • Additional safety designed specifically to prevent ground vehicle and aircraft collisions
  • Automatic event creation for SMS reporting and mitigation
  • Added situational awareness for driver of flight activity on runways
  • Improved operational safety during reduced visibility