AEROBOSS In-Vehicle Technology

Make runway areas safer for all vehicles


Runway Incursion Warning SystemRunway Incursion Warning System (RIWS)

The AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS) is fully compliant with the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210/25 to prevent runway incursions by ground vehicles. AeroBOSS RIWS alerts vehicle drivers of potential incursions before the vehicle enters a Runway Safety Area (RSA) or any other identified hazardous zone. AeroBOSS RIWS improves safety and efficiency by combining an RIWS platform with real-time flight and ground surveillance data, vehicle tracking capabilities, SafetyNet logic, precision GPS data and high-resolution maps of the airport.

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Ground Vehicle Transponders (VTT)

vehicle-transponder-resizeAeroBOSS Ground Vehicle Tracking Transponder (VTT) provides vehicle tracking capabilities in all areas of an airport, to improve safety and coordination of all types of operations.

AeroBOSS Vehicle transponders provide high precision GPS accuracy, a one second update rate to display the location of the vehicle on the AeroBOSS SMS Display as part of a fused image with flight tracking data.

Snow Removal Operations (SNOWBOSS)

ipad-horizontal-snowbossSnowBOSS™ by Leonardo is designed specifically for snow removal team operations. In addition to providing optional RIWS capabilities for each vehicle, SnowBOSS offers key command and control capabilities for supervisors of convoys or fleets involved in winter operations.

SnowBOSS provides snow removal team leaders with the ability to track the location of each individual vehicle, and to coordinate and control key elements of RIWS alerts for all vehicles involved in snow and ice removal. Supervisor notifications and verification that runway safety areas are clear of vehicles further improve safety during winter operations.


  • Improved safety of vehicle operations in
    reduced visibility
  • Optimize convoy operations
  • Track all vehicle operations airside and landside
  • Customizable, unlimited types of alert areas
  • Fully functional with or without data services
  • Mitigate runway incursions