AeroBOSS™ Runway Incursion Warning System Lite (RIWS)

Stop runway areas accidents before they happen.

RIWS_liteAeroBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS) Lite is a proven in-vehicle application that alerts vehicle drivers of a potential runway incursion BEFORE the vehicle makes entry into the runway safety area. AeroBOSS RIWS Lite improves safety and efficiency by combining GPS accuracy, alerting algorithms and visual/audible notifications that are FAA Advisory Circular (150/5210-25) into a small, easy to deploy, portable solution that can be quickly and easily installed in any vehicle equipped with an OBDII port or cigarette lighter.

Runway Incursion Prevention

AeroBOSS RIWS Lite allows airports and airlines to improve safety of vehicle operations airside by proactively alerting a driver of a potential incursion into a runway safety area or any airport defined hazardous zone.

Value beyond Runway Incusion Prevention

  • Built-in vehicle tracking
  • Integrated GIS Engine
  • Unlimited number of alert areas
  • Provides Vehicle Tracking
  • Integrated with Safety Management Systems (SMS)
  • Remotely managed
  • GPS is accurate to 3 meters and updates 5x per second
  • Visual and audible alerts of potential incursions
  • Offers visual indicator if field is under instrument meteorological conditions
  • Integrated with AeroBOSS Web and third-party tools
  • Optional full vehicle maintenance diagnostics and CAN BUS data.
  • Offers Fleet Management Capabilities

AEROBOSS RIWS Lite Features:

  • Enables command and control of airport operations, maintenance, and emergency resources. Vehicle/weight-based incursion alert distances for
    large vehicles like ARFF and snow removal
  • Team-based runway safety area alert controls to mitigate nuisance alarms when runways are closed to flight operations
  • Vehicle specific/functional area-based alert maps for lawn mowers, ARFF, movement/ non-movement areas, and more
  • Optional fleet management module with full CAN BUS data, including engine diagnostics for OBDII equipped vehicles