Airport Management

Airport Management Solutions

Leonardo provides real-time situational awareness, monitoring and alerting through an integrated software suite called AeroBOSS.

Our AeroBOSS solutions improve safety, resource coordination and performance for airports and their stakeholders.

AeroBOSS Product Features


AeroBOSS is an integrated surface management system (CDM/SMS) offering improved safety, resource coordination and performance for airports, airlines and stakeholders by providing real-time situational awareness, monitoring and alerting.

AeroBOSS provides users access to critical data over a web portal that utilizes the airport’s own GIS maps and aerial imagery for the most accurate and true representation of activity at the airport. Its open architecture allows it to consume and share data from and to third-party data sources and applications. Existing feeds from the FAA NextGen and SWIM programs provide real-time flight tracking capabilities, and ground vehicle locations from Leonardo’s vehicle transponders and Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS). The system shares data with the Airport Operations Database (AODB) and Safety Management Systems (SMS) and event reporting and management platforms.

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AeroBOSS Flight Operations


  • Real-Time Surface Management System providing awareness of flights and ground vehicles in and around an airport
  • Flight tracking from multiple data sources and integrated flight track and meta-data fusion provide full surface coverage and give users a complete perspective of movements in and around the airfield.
  • Diversion Management capabilities module helps airport personnel track flights during irregular operations at their facilities or at a facility that is receiving flights from another airport.

AeroBOSS In-Vehicle Technology 


  • The Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS) is a fully compliant with the FAA Advisory Circular 150/5210/25 to prevent runway incursions by ground vehicles.
  • Ground Vehicle Tracking Transponders (VTT) provides vehicle tracking in all areas of an airport, to improve safety and coordination of all types of operations.
  • Snow Removal Operations (SnowBOSS) assists snow removal teams by providing key command and control capabilities for supervisors of convoys or fleets involved in winter operations.

AeroBOSS Management and Community Relations 


  • Operations Management capabilities assist supervisors with a business intelligence dashboard aiding statistical analysis and providing in-depth reporting.
  • A Landing Fee Reporting module allows an airport to accurately identify, categorize and process landing fee revenue in as little as 24 hours from the time of an operation.
  • A Noise Complaint Management module integrates an airport’s flight tracking system with a public portal for noise complaint collection or an airport’s current complaint entry system.


NavBOSS is a Leonardo’s comprehensive suite of Remote Monitoring and Control solutions developed to save Air Service Navigation Providers (ANSPs) time and resources.

NavBOSS allows ANSPs to remotely monitor all NAVAIDS in a region or country from a central command center, or multiple command locations. With NavBOSS, maintenance can be performed remotely using the Remote Status Monitoring System and Portable Maintenance Date Terminal software, including remote flight check support, if properly augmented.

As an added feature, NavBOSS has the capability to integrate with Smart Glasses. These glasses allow a Leonardo technician to literally see, via live video streaming, issues presented by a technician at an equipment site and the two can discuss and troubleshoot the problem together.

Because NavBOSS is scalable and customizable, every ANSP, regardless of size, can realize significant efficiencies by using NavBOSS. Resources can be minimized by reducing staff travel to sites, performing maintenance operations faster to reduce equipment down time, and eliminating expenses associated with on-site maintenance visits.

The Elements of NAVBOSS


With our Remote Status Monitoring System (RSMS) software, the user has the ability to manage an entire network of systems. It provides at-a-glance views of network health and status for connected NAVAIDS, RCSUs, and other airport equipment on customizable map layouts.


The Selex ES Model 2238 Remote Control Status Unit (RCSU) the user has the ability to monitor and control all ground navigation equipment, such as ILS, VOR, DME, TACAN, as well as other airport systems. 


The Remote Status Display Unit (RSDU) is the preferred interface for ATC situations requiring monitoring of multiple runways and approaches. RSDUs are typically installed at ATC locations, as well as at other points around the airfield requiring at-a-glance status of the associated navigation equipment.

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