Airport Management & Community Relations

Airport Management & Community Relations 

Track all vehicle operations - Airside and Landside


BI DashboardOperations Management / BI Dashboard

The AeroBOSS operations management Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard provides administrators with highly configurable statistical reporting.

The AeroBOSS Airport Management Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard provides a single repository for airport operational data and a visualization tool for intuitive and graphical representation of large amounts of information.

Landing Fee Reporting

Landing FeeThe AeroBOSS Landing Fee Management (LFM) module
allows an airport to accurately identify, categorize and
process landing fee revenue in as little as 24 hours from
the time of an operation.

Leveraging on-site ADS-B receivers, FAA and third-party
meta-data, AeroBOSS provides near real-time operational
counts, flight identification, aircraft airframe information
and precise weights for use in fee calculations.

Noise Complaint Management

Noise Complaint-cropThe AeroBOSS Noise Complaint Management module integrates an airport’s flight tracking system with a public portal for noise complaint collection or an airport’s current complaint entry system. The AeroBOSS Noise Complaint Management module also provides simple and cost-effective way to inventory noise complaints, correlate complaints to flight tracks, generate a response form and perform statistical analysis on complaints. A public facing flight tracking portal allows an airport to display flight data for public viewing. The public portal also offers the ability for a resident to replay flights and file a noise complaint.


  • Track all vehicle operations airside and landside
  • Customizable, unlimited types of alert areas
  • Fully functional with or without data services
  • Mitigate runway incursions
  • Improved safety of vehicle operations in
    reduced visibility
  • Optimize convoy operations