Our surveillance equipment is on every continent in over 110 countries.

Our surveillance services provide reliable positioning information and unambiguous identification of targets, thanks to high-performance sensors and sophisticated data fusion algorithms. Track/call sign association can be based on multi-lateration data, Mode-S data, as well as traditional SSR code.

Key Benefits

  • Maximum flexibility to facilitate numerous and varied integrated surveillance sources such as radars, multi-lateration, ADS-B and ADS-C.

  • Enhances situational awareness by means of integrated traffic picture and aircraft derived data.

  • Expanded operations on closely spaced parallel runways.

  • Most advanced SIR-S Mode-S Secondary Radar system that meets all ICAO and EUROCONTROL requirements.

  • A-SMGCS Level-3 support for improved surface movement safety and efficiency.

Range of Solutions

Current provider for the NextGen SBS network for THE FAA

Only systems FAA certified for Terminal WAM, operational in Charlotte and Los Angeles

Mode-S SSR
Selected by NavCanada in 2015 to upgrade all legacy radars with current generation PSRs and Mode-S SSRs

Surveillance Solutions

SELEX ES Model 3300 WAM/ADS-B Radio

SELEX ES SIR-S/I Secondary Surveillance Radar

SELEX ES MODEL 3400 MSSS Multilateration and ADS-B System