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ARTICLE: Improving Safety and Efficiency in Airfield Operations

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With topics ranging from tourism to Covid's effect on long-haul flights to infrastructure investments, Airport Technology is one of the most trusted online sources for professionals in the aviation industry. 

Just recently, we had the honor of partnering with Airport Technology to discuss runway incursions, AEROBOSS, SnowBOSS, and more. In the article, Improving safety and efficiency in airfield operations, writer Miranda Mclaren writes:

"While every airport is different, one surface management issue they all share is the risk of runway incursions. Using in-vehicle technology able to be installed on any smartphone, tablet, or computer device, the AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS) sends immediate visual and audible alerts to drivers in danger of entering a runway safety area or other hazardous zone.

According to Bill Colligan, general manager of Leonardo’s air traffic management division, it all comes down to avoiding single points of failure. 'A surface safety system that relies exclusively on the air traffic controller to always be the individual to resolve safety issues can be challenging,' he says. 'AeroBOSS provides an alert directly to the individual that’s in the best position to prevent the runway incursion – the driver.'

The RIWS module is generating a lot of industry interest and has already earned the company important work with major airports. In 2021, Leonardo signed a contract with Dallas / Fort Worth Airport – one of the busiest aviation hubs in the world – to deliver the largest runway incursion warning system in a single airport worldwide. Now nearing completion, the project involved the installation of the RIWS devices and software into a total of 500 vehicles, providing an additional safety net to reduce the likelihood of incursions."

Read the full piece on Airport Technology now.