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[VIDEO] Customer Service for the Air Traffic Management Industry

It's a safe assumption to say that the Covid-19 virus has impacted every customer service and support professional's role in some way. As you know, that's especially true for those in air traffic management. 

To help share ideas and solutions on this topic, we gathered leaders in air traffic management and customer service for the video below, Customer Service for the Air Traffic Management Industry During a Pandemic, which is part of our In Plane View series.

Our moderator: Jennifer Campbell, Director of Government Programs for Selex ES

Our panelists:

  • Wes Tindal, Chief Operating Officer at the National Customer Service Association
  • Kenneth Cleveland, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Selex ES
  • Terry Thomas, Vice President of Programs, Training, and Customer Service for Selex ES
  • Aaron Caldwell, Customer Service Management for Selex ES

What you'll learn: 

  • How the pandemic has affected the industry as a whole
  • The economic and industry impact that our panelists are experiencing
  • What Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are doing to overcome pandemic-related problems
  • How ANSPs keep their equipment running during these times of shutdowns and reduced travel
  • And what innovations Leonardo and other companies have introduced to help alleviate the situation
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