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New Products: Airport Ground Operations Safety Technologies

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Leonardo is excited to announce big news for airport managers around the country.

As air travel begins to pick up following the sharp declines due to the COVID-19 pandemic, CANSO and the Flight Safety Foundation have expressed concerns regarding the risks of airport runway accidents.

To address those concerns and make the industry safer than ever before, we recently added airport surface management technologies to our air traffic control solutions here at Leonardo. 

Introducing Aeroboss

Produced in collaboration with U.S.-based INDMEX, our new  AeroBOSS suite is comprised of solutions that offer real-time, collaborative decision-making, flight and ground vehicle tracking, and runway safety systems that allow all surface vehicles to operate safer and more efficiently. 

AeroBOSS is an enterprise-wide solution for airports and airport stakeholders. The modular design of AeroBOSS allows airports to cost-effectively deploy the right tools for each department’s specific needs without burdening users with unnecessary complexity. Airports can select from modules in Flight Operations, In-Vehicle Technology and Management and Community Relations.

WHAT's in it for you

AeroBOSS provides an airport-wide common operating platform enabling command and control of airport operations, maintenance, and emergency resources. One of the core solutions is the AeroBOSS Runway Incursion Warning System (RIWS), which alerts vehicle drivers of potential incursions before the vehicle enters a Runway Safety Area (RSA) or any other identified hazardous zone.

Other solutions include flight tracking, diversion management, landing fee reporting, noise complaint management, and more. 

By taking advantage of the full suite of AeroBOSS technologies, you'll be able to track all vehicle operations airside and landside, mitigate runway incursions, optimize convoy operations, and make vehicle operations much safer even in reduced visibility.

Why It's critical

Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems can alert air traffic controllers to possible runway incursions. AeroBOSS provides alerts directly to surface vehicles operators reducing communication delays and improving safety. Our ultimate goal is to prevent runway incursions, improve airport operations, and protect global air travelers. 

Get the details

For questions and more information, please feel free to contact our press office at 518-495-2288.