The Leonardo Selex ES Training Center

In August 2016, Leonardo, through its U.S. subsidiary Selex ES Inc. opened the Leonardo Selex ES Training Center located in the same building as the manufacturing facility in Overland Park, Kansas, USA. The new facility houses multiple classrooms to accommodate different class sizes. The classrooms have been equipped in accordance with the equipment, training materials and aids needed  for the successful completion of each training course offered. In addition to more classroom space, the expansion provided larger common areas to support many groups of students training on several different systems.

We recommend no more than eight students per class in order to maximize the benefits of hands-on training and interaction between students and their instructor. All students must have a basic knowledge of electronics prior to arriving at the Training Center for all courses offered. Our comprehensive training program is built upon the philosophy that system-users must understand both over-all system operation, as well as troubleshooting techniques, familiarity with our drawing structure, schematics and test equipment in order to effectively and safely operate. The training will be conducted on the entire system, including modules, components, operation and maintenance (O&M) of specialized test equipment, diagnostic test beds, ATE, test fixtures, and software operations.

Training classes are scheduled for six-hours of in-classroom activities per day with the instructor available eight hours a day, five days per week. Class periods for lectures/demonstration are based on 50-minute periods of instruction with a 10-minute break between each period. The length of practical application periods may vary as the situation requires. Upon completion of Selex ES Inc. training, students will be equipped with the capability to accomplish detailed analysis of the system. We provide factory and on-site operational and maintenance training in accordance with FAA STD 028C. More than 2,000 certified graduates have attended Selex ES training courses.

SELEX ES Trainers

Factory-Training-Images-Text-B-NEWSelex ES employs skilled and certified trainers with over 20 years of knowledge and experience with navigational aids and also has multilingual trainers available in certain situations. In addition to being excellent instructors, our trainers have technical experience working with navigation aids that supports them in the development of course materials and class instruction to ensure each student is provided the needed technical knowledge. Practical field experience also allows our instructors to provide support for customer service and troubleshooting situations, if necessary.

In addition to the factory training classes offered at the Leonardo Selex ES Training Center, our instructors provide on-site training when requested. The on-site training can vary from the factory training courses to include final tune and test and flight check support for customer technicians. Our instructors have the field knowledge required to provide the needed instruction outside the classroom environment of factory training.

Leonardo SELEX ES Training Materials

Leonardo Selex ES provides each student participating in a training course with a set of materials that become the property of the student upon successful completion of the training course. Student materials provide descriptive and graphical references to augment the instruction and may be comprised of a Student Workbook and other reference materials.

Student Workbooks are designed for students to use throughout the training course and may include reference listings, instructions, Learning Activities or Job Sheets for each lesson. They contain information similar to technical manuals, but have been written specifically for use in training courses and are organized to match the course syllabus The materials are designed to reinforce concepts or provide additional support for each topic. The workbook materials provide all the necessary information to complete the lesson. There is even a self-test provided that will allow students to check their understanding of an exercise.

Other reference materials may also be provided to supplement the training materials and provide further reference for each student. Additional reference materials may include technical manuals, user guides, computer documentation, engineering documentation, books, periodicals or various other references deemed useful. Reference materials will be labeled “For Student Use Only”.

All materials provided by Selex ES are designed and chosen to ensure that each student has receives the necessary information to meet the course objectives as stated in each of the following course syllabuses.

Safety Procedures

Factory-Training-Images-Text-DStudent safety precautions and an awareness of accident prevention are prime considerations for in all Selex ES training activities. Safety notices, warnings and cautions are supplied in all training materials and technical documentation. The safety guidelines are strictly adhered to by all Selex ES employees in all Selex ES activities.

Students report to a designated Selex ES representative at the training facility each morning. In the event that a student does not arrive as scheduled on any day of training, Selex ES will immediately notify the customer.

The Selex ES Training Center complies will all standards established by the National Electrical Code, National Fire Code, United States of America Standards Institute, and the United States Government Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Additional and Optional Services

Prior to the start of a scheduled class, Selex ES will provide directions to the training facility and a listing of accommodations, dining facilities and transportation providers in close proximity to the Selex ES Training Center. For an additional cost and with advanced notice, we can arrange for students accommodations, meals and transportation while attending training classes. In addition to student expenses, the Selex ES Training Center can also develop and provide customized training for an additional cost, should it be requested.


Computer Based Training

computer-guyLeonardo, through its U.S. subsidiary Selex ES Inc. also offers Computer Based Training that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This course is typically used as a refresher course for experienced technicians who may or may not be familiar with Selex ES equipment. It can also be used as a part of a continuing education program for Navaid technicians or as an introduction to a newly assigned technician to familiarize them with Selex ES equipment. It must be supplemented with hands on training since this course does not include any laboratories.

It is strongly recommended that any technician attending have the following prerequisites: 1) digital circuit theory; 2) microprocessor or micro controller control theory; 3) practical computer operation, to the level of being able to install a software package using Windows; 4) basic DME theory; 5) practical Navaids flight check experience.