Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Delivering the most versatile DME systems in the industry.

SELEX ES MODEL 1118A/1119A Distance Measuring Equipment (DME )

Leonardo, through its U.S. subsidiary Selex ES Inc., has delivered over 1200 DME systems over the last 25 years establishing itself as the premier vendor of DMEs throughout the world. Key customers include the FAA, DFS in Germany, Skeyes in Belgium, and CAAC in China. The latest revision of the Selex ES Model 1118A/1119A DME was delivered to the market in 2016 and designed to meet key European ANSP safety and operational requirements.

SELEX ES MODEL 1118A/1119A DME: Product Features

Sold and in operation in more than 100 nations, the Selex ES Model 1118A/1119A DME has a field-proven record of performance for en route navigation, NextGen and precision approach and landing applications. Available in low and high-power configurations Selex ES’s DMEs offer highly reliable operation, advanced performance and ease of maintenance. Selex ES’s DMEs interface to any ILS and VOR system available today and meet or exceed ICAO Annex 10 recommendations.

Additional features include:

  • Dual and Single Equipment
  • Either transmitter selectable for main or standby
  • Comprehensive RMM
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Remote Certification/Control
  • Dual Independent Monitoring
  • Traffic Load Monitoring