ELSAG® ALPR Border Security  Solutions

Securing borders and protecting people to keep travel and commerce flowing


Our product portfolio is fully National Defense Act compliant! 

"Our ELSAG LPR system provides officers a tool not only for tracking history but also for intercepting smugglers in transit and gives us additional information to corroborate evidence, travel history, and solidify their cases."

Trooper N., TX DPS

Securing borders presents law enforcement, customs enforcement and immigration enforcement with a unique set of challenges. These three units are tasked with keeping the homeland safe from human and drug trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorist activity and more, all while ensuring legitimate travel and commerce are not unreasonably delayed.

Leonardo's ELSAG ALPR systems have been developed specifically for mission critical operations that law enforcement and homeland security agencies face.  End-user feedback is paramount to the continued development of both hardware and software offerings.  From sales to installation to training to 24/7 service and support, our team is poised to make your ALPR program effective and efficient.

Discover how easy it is to implement and maintain an ELSAG ALPR System.

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