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ELSAG® Physical Security Solutions

What is meant by physical security and how can our plate reader solutions help?

Physical security is the protection of an organization's assets and facilities. Security measures are put in place to manage access to buildings and grounds and to protect the most important asset of all — personnel.  These measures often include a combination of perimeter security cameras, security guards or gates and an access control system that manages who is allowed, or not allowed, onto the premises. 

How does ELSAG® ALPR technology protect assets and facilities?

Leonardo's ELSAG technology is used worldwide to facilitate access control and perimeter security for college campuses, government and religious organizations, hospitals, military bases, casinos, large enterprises and more. Any agency that has a need to protect their personnel and property can benefit from our ALPR solutions.


We offer three powerful physical security license plate reader systems:


The ELSAG® Fixed Plate Reader

This traditional fixed LPR mounts to bridges, gantries and other infrastructure, from up to 110+ feet away from the license plates it reads. Ideal for reading plates across multiple lanes on highways, at border stations, airports and other critical infrastructure.

The ELSAG® VPH900 

This fixed LPR system bundles select IP video cameras with our proprietary LPR software, creating a low-cost solution ideal for managing access control situations and enforcing permitted parking lots and garages. The VPH900 is also proficient at reading vehicle plates around perimeters of military bases, school campuses, utility plants and other sensitive areas

The ELSAG® Street Sentry

NEW! This easy-to-deploy, solar-powered fixed LPR solution is ideal for agencies with tight budgets. Deploying just one ELSAG Street Sentry is highly effective at identifying suspect vehicles, but its low cost and economical operation make it easy for communities to create LPR safety nets around their city and neighborhoods with multi-site installments.

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