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Free Guide: Land Mobile Radio Networks Built For Now, Built to Last

If your communications network is outdated or close to end-of-life, check out our free guide: Land Mobile Radio Networks Built for Now, Built to Last—The Uncomplicated Way to Modernize Complex Critical Communications Infrastructure.

With so much focus on the modernization of critical infrastructure, our team at Leonardo is poised to bring you land mobile radio (LMR) communications networks you’ll come to trust for their reliability, adaptability, and scalability.

In this complimentary guide, you'll learn about:

  • Our portfolio of proven LMR solutions
  • The magic behind the success of our ECOS-D Base Station
  • Our Peace of Mind Guarantee
  • Creating a plan to modernize your critical communications network

Should you have any questions after reading it, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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Leonardo & Ericsson: A New Partnership

Did you hear the exciting news?

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How to Know If You Have The Right LMR Manufacturer Partner

In the world of land mobile radios, whether you build critical communications networks or use them, it’s essential to forge trusting relationships with partners who will help you succeed. The investment is substantial, the missions are critical, and the stakes are high.

You may be rethinking your existing relationships with LMR manufacturers or looking to expand your product offerings — either way, this guide shares crucial considerations about what to look for when partnering with an LMR manufacturer.

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5 Tips For Choosing Your Next Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System

In the market for a new land mobile radio (LMR) system? Perhaps your current manufacturer no longer supports your equipment, or maybe you’re looking for a more reliable system with better coverage and availability. 

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5 Reasons Not to Partner with Leonardo for LMR Solutions

From mission-critical events to daily communications, your land mobile radio (LMR) system must be airtight in its reliability and performance. The safety of your staff, customers, and community depends on it. That makes the search for an LMR solutions provider that much more important.

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What We Are Doing In Response To The Coronavirus

Dear Customers and Partners,

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Leonardo & Warsaw, Poland: Working Together Through A DMR System

In the first quarter of 2019, Leonardo was awarded the opportunity to provide the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters with a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system. This system allows voice and data transmission through a web-based control center via 24 re-transmission stations working in the LAN network, connected by microwave links. 

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Q&A With Bob Fay, A Land Mobile Radio Reseller


(Shortly after being interviewed for our blog, Mr. Fay passed away unexpectedly. It came as a surprise to all of us who knew him. He was one of, if not our biggest and best, advocates, he truly loved the LMR industry and was well respected throughout it. Our condolences go out to the Fay family as well as his family of colleagues at Applied. May he rest in peace.)

As a company that strongly values ongoing research and innovation with regards to our LMR technology, we are always looking to our customers and colleagues for honest feedback on Leonardo's products and services—as well as for their industry insights.

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What Exactly is Land Mobile Radio?

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you've probably seen Land Mobile Radio systems in use right before your own eyes—by your utility company, a public safety responder, or perhaps within your own organization. But if you’re new to your industry or haven’t yet dealt with LMR systems, it can be a tough concept to grasp.

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3 Long-Term Strategy Solutions For LMR Value-Added Resellers

The core tenets of reselling in the LMR space are changing more rapidly than the supporting technology. Growth and new revenue opportunities for LMR value-added resellers are diminishing as large manufacturers place restrictions on the equipment they allow resellers to sell, set increasingly difficult targets to be met and take away revenue opportunities that exist in support services.

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