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Leonardo & Ericsson: A New Partnership

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Did you hear the exciting news?

Leonardo has officially partnered with Ericsson to research and develop new 5G solutions and business models. 

In the official press release on RadioResource International, Emanuele Iannetti, head of Southeast Mediterranean for Ericsson, is quoted saying "We’re joining forces with Leonardo to gain a complementary view of market demands and business drivers, taking digitalization to the next level. Through the collective experience we get through this partnership, we will be able to increase the impact of what we do for our customers.”

We asked our own Jim Collum CISSP, GICSP, Manager of Systems Engineering at Leonardo, to briefly explain why this is such a huge deal.

Here's what he said:

"As you may already know, there is an assumption in the LMR industry that broadband (LTE, 5G, etc.) will someday replace traditional, narrowband LMR technologies. The good news is that Leonardo has not been idle. As early as 2017, I have been engaged in talks and training associated with Leonardo broadband solutions. To date, Leonardo's focus has been in the EPC where public safety and critical infrastructure features live. Ericsson is a huge player in the RAN market worldwide. That is why a partnership with Ericsson is a big deal."

Congratulations to all the players involved in this news!