Adaptanet® TETRA IP Solution

Ensure Reliable and Secure Communications

Leonardo's Adaptanet® TETRA IP solution is the ideal choice for high-congestion communication environments that require a robust network. 

Wireless public networks are subject to crowding – especially during an emergency.  Our Adaptanet TETRA IP links multiple sites distributed across a network with call capabilities, exploiting all the benefits of full-IP connectivity.

Adaptanet TETRA IP: Features

  • Adaptanet TETRA IP fully supports IP-based applications, allowing users access to intranet or internet databases and services from their mobile radio.
  • Flexibility in deployment is achieved with an infrastructure that can be designed and configured to meet your organization's needs. Various infrastructure configurations are available, including BS node, BS node Compact, BS node-TS and BS node C-TS.
  • Multiple mobiles and portables are available, including Puma T3 core and Atex version, Puma T4-TETRA and LTE, MR-4000 multi-technology router, and VS-4000 mobile with control heads for both indoor and outdoor applications.
ECOS-D Multi-Mode Solution: Benefits
icon-flexible-software-defined-platformSoftware-defined Platform
At Leonardo, our software-defined platform ensures software failure doesn’t reduce functionality or impact the availability of your system.
icon-interoperabilityFull-IP Switchless Architecture
Native IP switchless architecture with centralized or distributed call control increases reliability and scalability.
icon-integrated-voice-and-dataIntegrated Voice and Data
Our adaptable TETRA IP solution supports simultaneous voice and data transmission between system users, allowing you to make critical decisions in an instant.
icon-fault-tolerantFault Tolerant
Redundancy and resilience are built in at multiple levels. All network elements are available as fully redundant and can be interconnected in a network with redundant links to increase availability and reliability.
icon-multiple-methods-data-deliveryDeployment Flexibility
Leonardo can supply a complete TETRA solution, including infrastructure, terminals and applications. Or, through extensive APIs and integration with third parties, we can provide a deployment option tailored to your needs.
icon-security-and-privacyAdded Security
Adaptanet TETRA IP offers two levels of encryption: air interface and end-to-end encryption. Together, these solutions provide the highest level of security for critical communications while still ensuring high voice quality.

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