Grant Funding Guide


Law Enforcement Grants

Local, state and federal grants are available.

We are excited about your interest in Leonardo's license plate reader systems and the positive impact they will have on your daily missions. We also understand that funding is typically the biggest challenge in obtaining LPR technology. We hope this information on grant funding opportunities is helpful to your agency. 


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Getting Started

Leonardo partners with PoliceGrantsHelp to offer you free grant assistance. They will assist  you in finding and applying for grants in your area. Once you submit a request for grants help, you will be supported by both the PoliceGrantsHelp team and a dedicated sales manager from Leonardo to help you navigate the grant process.

Follow this link to get started: PoliceGrantsHelp.Com


Other helpful websites:

Bureau of Justice Assistance

Types of Grants

Your agency may be eligible for one or more of these grants:

Block or Formula Grants: Federal government money awarded to state or local governments in a lump sum to target a specific issue area. The sum is often based on a formula and comes with few federal guidelines.

Discretionary Grants: Federal or state-level grants that local governments are able to apply for directly. Specific guidelines apply.

Federal Grant Money: Federal money supporting law enforcement programs. The lead federal funding agency is the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs.

Department of Homeland Security: Billions of dollars in grants are distributed to law enforcement through:

  • Homeland Security Grant Program: State Homeland Security Program, Urban Areas Security Initiative and Operation Stonegarden
  • Infrastructure Protection Program: Includes the Transit Security Grant Program, Freight Rail Security Grant Program, Intercity Passenger Rail (Amtrak), Port Security Grant Program, Intercity Bus Security Grant Program, Trucking Security Program and Buffer Zone Protection Program

Corporations or Foundations: Grant money made available through private sector corporations or foundations. Applied for and awarded directly to the grantee by the grantor.

How Your ALPR Missions Can Affect Funding

Your agency’s opportunities for funding automatic license plate readers broaden with each mission you plan to address with them. Here are some of the most popular missions that law enforcement agencies are addressing with ALPR technology:

  • Proactively remove suspended and revoked drivers from the road before they cause a crash
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles
  • Assistance with AMBER Alerts® and missions related to missing and exploited children
  • Safe school initiatives such as perimeter security
  • Combating human trafficking
  • Development and maintenance of sexual predators hot lists
  • Drug interdiction
  • Highway safety
  • Homeland security initiatives
  • Gang and racketeering interdiction
  • Collection of taxes, fees and fines
  • Insurance compliance

Tips For Obtaining Grant Funding

  • Increase funding options by thoroughly identifying all the ways your agency will benefit from ALPR systems and solutions.
  • Research all avenues of state, local and federal funding.
  • Seek out large foundations or corporations in your community that have a history of funding law enforcement projects.
  • Approach local companies that may benefit from the use of ALPR, such as auto insurance companies that pay out claims for unrecovered stolen vehicles.
  • Consider that your funding can come from multiple sources and be creative in your proposals to each.
  • We can assist your funding goals by brainstorming about resources, networking and beyond.


  • State Administering Agencies (SAA): The state and local government JAG program supports initiatives that prevent and control crime, and improve the criminal justice system. JAG awards funds directly to state governments to be managed by state administering agencies (SAA). Each SAA sets priorities and allocates available funds.
  • The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is the managing partner of this website; it's an excellent source of information to find and apply for government grants.