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Leonardo and Law Enforcement

A legacy of serving the needs of law enforcement

Leonardo's  ELSAG®  plate reader systems have been used by law enforcement for over two decades. Our solutions assist police departments with recovering stolen vehicles, finding missing persons, securing large public venues such as sporting events and concerts, aiding homeland security and tracking down suspects.

More than 70% of crimes in the U.S. involve a vehicle. Having technology that's able to read up to 900 plates a minute, per plate reader, helps police officers to quickly identify suspect vehicles and keep your community safer.

Offering a full ecosystem of  ELSAG plate reader technologies including fixed, mobile, solar-powered and custom camera solutions.

All of our ELSAG solutions can be integrated with the smartest, most robust data management and analysis software system available, the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center™.

We are committed to making the efficiencies and power of ELSAG LPR technologies affordable to agencies of all sizes.

"Our department has been working with Leonardo since 2009. We see ELSAG LPR as true force multipliers and not just for stolen vehicle recovery. They are instrumental in many of our investigations."

Chief Dawn Layman, Lenexa, KS

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Why law enforcement agencies count on our ALPR/ANPR systems:

  • Force multiplier: Do more with limited resources
    By employing an ALPR system in your jurisdiction, you add an extra set of eyes to your agency, helping your officers be more efficient and effective at deterring and fighting crime.

  • On-the-spot data: Promote public and officer safety
    Instant data captures allow your officers to act quickly when the system hits a hot list match, a key factor in keeping the public safer. Officers also know if they're dealing with a routine traffic infraction or something more serious. In addition, AMBER and Silver alerts go out through our system, alerting officers to urgent cases of missing persons.

  • Database management: Organize a continuous stream of information
    We provide the platform that manages license plate reader data, so the incoming information is coordinated in an organized, secure and user-friendly database that is enhanced by a variety of analytical tools.

  • Investigation tool: Queries close cases faster
    Your saved LPR data becomes a powerful investigative tool for catching criminals and exonerating the innocent.

ALPR applications for law enforcement

Discover how easy it is to implement and maintain an ELSAG ALPR System.

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