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ALPR Solutions And Law Enforcement

The Essential Benefits For Your Agency

ELSAG's ALPR solutions assist law enforcement with recovering stolen vehicles and license plates, securing large public venues such as sporting events, conventions and concerts, aiding homeland security tactics and tracking down criminals.

More than 70% of crimes in the U.S. involve a vehicle. Having technology that's able to read up to 900 plates per minute, per ALPR camera helps officers to quickly identify criminals and keep your community safe.

ALPR Benefits For Law Enforcement

  • Force Multiplier: Do More With Limited Resources
    By employing an ALPR system in your jurisdiction, you add an extra set of eyes to your agency, helping your officers be more efficient and effective at deterring and fighting crime.
  • On-The-Spot Data: Promote Public And Officer Safety
    Instant data captures allow your officers to act quickly when the system hits a hot list match, a key factor in keeping the public safe. Officers also know if they're dealing with a routine traffic infraction or something more serious.
  • Database Management: Organize A Continuous Stream Of Information
    We provide the platform that collects license plate images, so the incoming information is coordinated in an organized, secure and user-friendly database that is enhanced by a variety of analytical tools.
  • Investigation Tool: Aid In Assisting With AMBER And Silver Alerts
    Our ALPR system is a powerful investigative tool for catching criminals and exonerating the innocent. In addition, AMBER and Silver Alerts go out through our system, alerting officers to urgent cases of missing persons.

ALPR Applications For Law Enforcement

  • Suspended And Revoked Licenses

    Working independently of officers during every shift, our advanced ALPR system technology dramatically increases the number of suspended and revoked drivers removed from the road. Our ALPR system offers these benefits:

    • Proactively (and without officer assistance) hunts for license plates belonging to suspended/revoked drivers, uninsured vehicles and unregistered vehicles.
    • Instantly recognizes those vehicles and alerts officers so interdiction can take place immediately.
    • Multiplies the force and effectiveness of every officer looking for suspended drivers.

    With superior algorithm technology, no other ALPR system comes close to its ease of deployment, capabilities and accuracy.

  • Recovered Stolen License Plates And Vehicles

    Agencies are more quickly recovering stolen license plates and vehicles as they go about their normal duties each shift. All the while, the ALPR system is running plate after plate against hot lists of stolen license plates and vehicles, sending automatic, instantaneous alarms to an officer that a suspect plate or vehicle is in the immediate area.

    Recovering plates and vehicles, as well as removing drivers with suspended or revoked licenses from the streets, has a tremendous impact on safety. It also benefits the insurance industry, because fewer claims are being paid out.

  • Homeland Security

    Most crimes and terrorist activities worldwide involve vehicles. In geographic areas that are experiencing a surge in vehicle-related crime, monitoring and tracking a large number of vehicles efficiently becomes prudent for law enforcement.

    ELSAG works closely with law enforcement and homeland security agencies globally to create customized ALPR solutions for effective and quick policing of:

    • Tracking gang-related crime
    • Tracking persons and vehicles of interest moving across jurisdictions
    • Drug trafficking
    • Illegal immigration
    • Anti-terrorism
    • Border protection
    • Collection of appropriate taxes and duties

  • Access Control And Retail Applications

    ALPR technology also has a more civil purpose, in terms of access control and retail applications. For example, an owner of a car wash could put up an ALPR camera at an automatic washing bay.

    Every time a car pulls up, the camera reads the license plate and validates a subscription against a white list of subscribers, so the driver can go ahead and use the car wash. Imagine how much more convenient ALPR cameras could make your retail business.

  • Campus And School Bus Safety

    Police agencies for schools and colleges are using ELSAG’s ALPR technology to help manage two of the most important operations they serve — security and illegal parking. By arranging fixed ALPR systems in key places around campus and deploying mobile ALPR units, the technology creates a powerful virtual policing agent.

    Illegal parking causes not only safety issues but also headaches for the administration charged with collecting parking fines, especially from repeat offenders delinquent on paying up.

  • Missing Persons

    Our ALPR system receives AMBER and Silver Alerts, so officers in the field are aware of urgent matters involving abducted or missing persons.

    With Silver Alert cases, if a senior citizen with dementia, for example, is driving a car and gets lost or disoriented, they may miss appointments or be away from home for an extended period of time, prompting a family member to call police for help finding them. Police can deploy their license plate recognition system by inserting the missing car's license plate number into a shared hot list, allowing every law enforcement car outfitted with the ALPR technology to search for the missing vehicle. Once the license plate reader sees the subject plate, it will alert officers immediately, drawing attention to the missing person's vehicle.

    In the case of AMBER Alerts or suspected abductions, even if only a partial plate number is known, it can be inserted into the law enforcement hot list, and the license plate recognition system will produce a list of possible plate numbers based on state syntax. Other information, such as the color, make or model of the suspect vehicle, can help narrow down that list of possible complete license plate numbers even further.

    Often, multiple agencies in a state that use ALPR technology, or even adjacent jurisdictions that cross state lines, will work together to search faster and bring quick closure to cases involving missing persons. ELSAG's automatic license plate readers, both fixed and mobile systems, are deployed by more than 1,000 agencies across all 50 U.S. states and in many countries around the world.

  • Surveillance And Private Security

    Surveillance missions can be very time intensive, tying up manpower for weeks or months at a time. ELSAG's ALPR solutions, both fixed and mobile systems, are extremely effective surveillance tools for capturing critical data while freeing up officers to work on other cases or perform other duties until needed.

    With the capability to read up to 900 plates per minute, per camera, it's almost impossible for a vehicle to pass through a surveillance area undetected. If any ALPR camera, fixed or mobile, reads a license plate that is included on an active law enforcement hot list, the plate reader will within milliseconds automatically alert officers in the field, as well as their command center, to when and where the suspect vehicle was seen.

    This real-time surveillance capability of our ALPR technology has been credited with aiding U.S. law enforcement in the resolution of illegal activity from misdemeanors to serious crimes.

    ELSAG's ALPR technology also assists investigations when the data collected is downloaded from the ALPR systems and stored for analysis. Detectives can sift through the information, which can help with placing a suspect at a scene, identifying travel patterns of suspects or detecting associates by identifying vehicles that always travel together.

    License plate reader data can help locate potential witnesses and can assist in validating an alibi by confirming a vehicle's previous location.

  • Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

    The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has developed a new hot list allowing law enforcement agencies to use ELSAG's ALPR technology to help investigate illegal actions by commercial motor vehicles (CMV) and their drivers.

    Deployed and supervised by the Department of Transportation (DOT) for each state, the license plate readers quickly and accurately identify the license plates of vehicles with several prior citations. While these aren't the only vehicles scrutinized, most drivers with no prior citations will benefit from a more efficient trip through weigh stations and other checkpoints.

    And since the ALPR technology is already in place, state law enforcement may choose to use additional hot lists associated with all kinds of illegal activity, from stolen vehicles and tags to unregistered vehicles, missing persons, wanted persons and more.

  • Fusion Centers And Interagency Sharing

    The efficiency and effectiveness of ELSAG's ALPR technology in aiding a variety of public safety challenges is encouraging many states to deploy the technology statewide. Most recently, New York, Maryland, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio and Washington, D.C. have all committed to programs that will allow jurisdictions to share their ALPR data in an effort to resolve cases faster.

    Our ALPR system reads license plates instantaneously and then automatically cross-references each against current hot lists. If there is a match, law enforcement — units in the field and their command centers — are alerted in real time with information about when and where the suspect vehicle was located, along with the license plate number that triggered the alarm.

  • Drug-Related Offenses

    ELSAG's ALPR technology can aid law enforcement in efforts to deter and resolve drug-related activity. Fundamentally, the ALPR system reads license plates at the rate of up to 900 per minute, comparing each to a hot list of vehicles suspected of being associated with drug-related offenses or incidents.

    When an ALPR camera reads a license plate included on that hot list, alarms are broadcast in real time to the officer using the system, the agency command center and possibly other officers in the field, depending on how the ALPR system is configured. ALPR alarm information tells officers which vehicle caused the alarm, at what time and the location of the suspect vehicle when the plate was scanned. The car and driver can be tracked down quickly and safely for interdiction.

    ELSAG's ALPR data can also aid investigations, even carrying weight in criminal trials. It begins with the information collected for each and every license plate the ALPR system reads, which includes license plate number, date and time stamps, GPS coordinates, and a color photo showing a significant portion of the vehicle and its immediate environment. With each ALPR camera collecting this data for up to 900 license plates per minute, investigators have vast amounts of information to work with.

    Detectives can review all of this data for specific periods of time and possibly decipher important information, such as confirming a dealer or trafficking suspect at a scene, identifying traffic patterns, discovering vehicles that always travel together and identifying possible witnesses. Combined with data shared by other agencies, there's almost no place for drug dealers, traffickers and users to hide.

Tech That's Tailor-Made

When you work with ELSAG, you're not simply purchasing a static piece of hardware or software. You're gaining a dynamic, flexible and highly customizable ALPR system with which we make continuous improvements based on customer feedback.

If an officer or IT manager thinks up a new feature, we'll figure out how to build it, rigorously test it and roll out the beneficial changes to the greater user base.

Tech That's Tailor-Made
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