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Law Enforcement

Leonardo's ELSAG® license plate reader solutions assist thousands of  law enforcement agencies worldwide fighting vehicle-related crime. Our ALPR/ANPR systems aid in recovering stolen vehicles and license plates, finding missing persons, securing large public venues such as sporting events, conventions and concerts, aiding homeland security tactics and tracking down criminals.


Border Security

Securing borders present law enforcement, customs enforcement and immigration enforcement with a unique set of challenges.  These three enforcement units are tasked with keeping the homeland safe from human and drug trafficking, illegal immigration, terrorist activity and more, all while ensuring legitimate travel and commerce are not unreasonably delayed. Our ALPR systems are an integral part of these crucial missions.


Physical Security

Protect personnel, facilities and assets with ELSAG license plate readers and software.

College campuses, hospitals, government buildings, casinos, hotels, religious buildings and more can be made more secure by using plate readers to efficiently manage access control.

We offer several  solutions for anyone looking to protect and secure the perimeter around critical infrastructure and property. 

Parking Enforcement

Whether your parking operation is across an entire municipality or you have an independent parking operation with a handful of lots, the daily management and enforcement requires manpower and time to survey streets, lots and garages. Leonardo's ELSAG ALPR Parking Enforcement Software™ will add a force multiplier within your operation.


Real Time Crime Centers

Real-time crime centers (RTCCs) leverage a wide variety of data sources to locate offenders, solve cases, and reduce crime rates effectively. Our ELSAG cameras contribute immensely to this effort, capturing and providing millions of crucial data points. Integrated with RTCC operations, this data provides a depth of analysis that is critical for their success in combating crime and enhancing the safety of our communities.

Discover how easy it is to implement and maintain an ELSAG ALPR System.

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