LMR Systems for Large Enterprises

Count on Leonardo's LMR systems for increased efficiency and safety.

Large enterprises have unique critical communications needs to ensure productivity and safety. At large campuses like assembly plants, refineries and airports, a break in communications is unacceptable. Shutting down a production line or closing an airport is not only costly, but it could also cause a safety risk for the employees and passengers.

Uninterrupted access to an LMR system is key to maintaining safety and efficiency in the workplace. Leonardo provides a rock-solid platform to ensure uptime for operators.

Leonardo's LMR systems help large enterprises improve production line efficiency and workplace safety by providing seamless, uninterrupted communications between employees.

LMR Technology Tailored to Fit Your Needs

Every large enterprise has unique needs when it comes to their LMR system, and what works for another company may not work for you.

At Leonardo, our software-defined solutions may be tailored to meet your needs. One size does not have to fit all. We offer solutions based on open standards with multiple modes and architectures, which provides a choice of applications and user terminals, as well as the flexibility to tailor a system to your requirements. 

For large enterprises, we frequently recommend digital mobile radio (DMR) due to its superior performance, low complexity and affordability. For some large enterprise campus applications, DMR may not be the best choice. For those enterprises, we offer TETRA solutions as well.

The Benefits of Leonardo's LMR Systems

We know how important it is for you to communicate with other team members consistently throughout the day. A lack of connectivity not only halts production and negatively impacts your bottom line. More importantly, it puts your workers at risk of an accident.

At Leonardo, our LMR systems for large enterprises are built on a software-defined platform, which ensures hardware failure doesn't reduce functionality or impact availability of your system. Since resiliency is built into our systems, you won't have to worry about lost connections or downtime.

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