The Most Advanced LPR Technology from the Industry Experts

For over two decades, Leonardo has been pioneering license plate recognition technology and pushing its capabilities to new realms to aid public safety and security, worldwide.

Our ever-expanding ecosystem of ELSAG® license plate reader systems are built with fixed and mobile plate reader cameras equipped with advanced optical character recognition software and powered by our industry-best data management tool.  These purpose-built components come together to aid law enforcement, governments, tolling and parking authorities, security companies, and large enterprises.

Why partner with us?

There are certainly other companies selling license plate readers, and we understand you need to be sure you are spending wiesly when it comes to acquiring new technology for your agency.

Here's a just a few reasons why you'll want to partner with us:

1. Plate reader technology requires expertise. We have been advancing LPR technology for over two decades.  In contrast, many competitors are recent entrants as start-ups or have expanded their offerings by acquiring existing businesses. Our engineering team is at the forefront of the industry, constantly driving innovation and enhancing our products with feedback from daily users of our technology.

2. You deserve options.  Every agency we work with has a different set of criteria when it comes to choosing a type of plate reader camera. Factors such as geographical setting, budget constraints, roadway characteristics, and vehicle velocity demand a tailor-made LPR solution for each unique scenario. We are the only company with a full ecosystem of options available including stationary, mobile, video and solar-powered plate readers.  

We also offer options when it comes time to make your purchase. You can buy the hardware and software upfront, finance it over several years or choose an annual subscription.  

3. You have to be able to trust your LPR provider.  

"Our ELSAG LPR system expedites investigations and crime analysis. Simply put, it solves crime!"

Port St. Lucie, FL

All of our ELSAG plate readers are powered by the smartest, most robust data management and analysis software system available, the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center™.

We are committed to making the efficiencies and power of ELSAG LPR technologies affordable to agencies of all sizes.

Mobile License Plate Reader

Fixed License Plate Readers

Solar-powered License Plate Reader

VPH900 License Plate Readers

Enterprise Operations Center

EOC Plus

License Plate Reader Custom Solutions

Parking Enforcement

Cloud Storage Solutions

The Leonardo Advantage 

Partnering with Leonardo not only gives you access to the most advanced, field-tested ALPR technology available, it also gives you peace of mind. Why? Because we stand committed to providing the superior service and technology our global customers expect from us. 

The Leonardo Advantage is our commitment to you, built on the strength of these four pillars:

Product Ecosystem  As the world changes, so do we. Our ever-growing ecosystem of license plate readers and the most robust ALPR data management software in the industry includes a variety of options—including mobile, fixed, solar-powered, and custom solutions that stand the test of time. The best part? They all work seamlessly with each other to create a safety net in your community.

Data Privacy  Our data privacy policies protect your ALPR data and the rights of individuals. You own your ALPR data – we will never access it, share it with a third party or sell it.

Responsive Support  As your partner we’re here for you 24/7/365. We’ll help keep your plate reader systems operational, train end-users, ensure software licenses don’t expire, and we also invite opportunities to discuss how to leverage your ALPR investment to aid other missions and challenges.

Financing Options  We understand the challenges involved when purchasing new technology. So we give our customers options. Whether you choose to purchase upfront, finance over multiple years or subscribe annually, we will work with you to find the solution that fits your budget.

Proudly made in the USA


Our Passion

We are committed to continuously progressing LPR technologies to best aid public safety and security. Undeniably, ELSAG plate readers help make our communities—people, places and police—safer.


Our Product

We offer the broadest ecosystem of LPR products available, including fixed, mobile and custom solutions with purpose-built features and capabilities that substantially increase your productivity.


Our Pledge

We pledge to help make the power of our LPR solutions affordable for agencies of all sizes. We'll identify the most economical system for your needs, we'll help you find grants, and we offer several financing options.

Discover how easy it is to implement and maintain an ELSAG ALPR System.

For further information about our ALPR hardware and software or for pricing, fill out this contact form and a specialist will be in touch shortly. 

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