Dependable and Secure LMR Systems for Transportation


Land Mobile Radio Technology for Transportation

When you're responsible for keeping a high volume of trains, buses, light rail and other vehicles running at all times, you need a communications system you can rely on. You simply can't afford for trains to stop moving or buses to get behind schedule, and if an emergency occurs, it's critical you’re able to respond at a moment's notice.

Leonardo's LMR systems for urban transportation companies help you address challenges with your critical communications while ensuring your business is operating efficiently. Our flexible and adaptable solutions will help you reliably communicate with other workers and ensure you're connected at all times.

As a transportation company, you need an LMR system on a private network that's reliable and secure.

For transportation companies, we offer digital mobile radio (DMR), TETRA and P25 LMR systems. For companies in urban areas, we often recommend DMR and TETRA.

Depending on your communications and networking needs, the team at Leonardo can help you choose the right LMR technology for your business.

The Benefits of Leonardo's LMR Systems

We know the importance of maintaining reliable communications even in the most chaotic, high-traffic environments, which is why resiliency is built into our systems.

At Leonardo, our LMR systems for transportation companies are built on a software-defined platform, which ensures hardware failure doesn't reduce functionality or impact the availability of your system.

Additionally, our LMR solutions operate on a private network, which provides you with increased dependability and allows you to easily access your communications system when you need it.

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