P25: User-driven LMR Technology

Designed for Public Safety Organizations

At Leonardo, we provide user-driven LMR technology, such as Project 25 (P25) Phase I, to public safety and government organizations to help them better respond to emergencies.

Initiated and led by the public safety community, P25 was standardized by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) for use by local, state and federal public safety organizations in North America. Due to its popularity, P25 can be found all over the world.

Radio users depend on P25 for their mission-critical communications due to its benefits in performance, efficiency, capabilities and quality.


P25 Phase I: Features

  • P25 supports a variety of call types and features to each radio user. These call features include group and individual calls, emergency calls, encryption, unit IDs and supplemental services.
  • To meet the needs of a wide range of users, both conventional and trunked operation is available in local and wide-area configurations.
  • The P25 standard enables interoperability among products designed by multiple manufacturers, giving customers a variety of P25 portable radio solutions to choose from.

P25: Benefits

Interoperable emergency communication is integral to initial response, public health, community safety, national security and economic stability. The goal of P25 is to enable public safety responders to communicate with each other and achieve enhanced coordination, timely response, and efficient and effective use of communications equipment.


icon-encryption-capabilityEncryption Capability
Communication security is critical for public safety organizations and first responders. To protect against interception or eavesdropping from outside parties, P25 offers digital encryption for both voice and data.


icon-superior-audio-performanceBetter Audio Quality
While an analog signal gradually weakens and becomes harder to use as the distance from the site is increased, P25 portable radios use technology that eliminates background noise and improves audio quality.

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