Service and Support

ELSAG® ALPR Service And Support

Reliable and fast resolution 

"Leonardo has been a great partner to work with. Stephanie, our sales manager, has been by our side from the time we decided to implement, through the whole funding and grant process. She stayed with us every step of the way."

J. Sarkos, Chief of Police, Atlantic City, NJ

All of our ELSAG solutions can be integrated with the smartest, most robust data management and analysis software system available, the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center™.

We are committed to making the efficiencies and power of ELSAG LPR technologies affordable to agencies of all sizes.

At Leonardo, we take our role in helping to keep your community safer seriously. That's why our service and support are always available when you need it – 365 days a year.

No matter the situation or source of the problem with our ELSAG systems, we provide a quick and complete resolution, even if it's on our dime.

We offer ongoing IT support to keep your ALPR/ANPR system remaining in perfect working order through our warranty program, which features levels of service and support depending on your needs.

Customers who need technical support should visit our Technical Support page to submit a service ticket. 

Want to find out more about our warranty program? Fill out this quick  info request form and our warranty manager will be in touch shortly.

Leonardo Service and Support: Features

  • Leonardo's help desk is always on, offering 24/7 ALPR system service and support. Simply fill out a service ticket and it goes into a queue for processing.
  • Our warranty program features SLAs, with levels of customer support depending on your needs. We offer full coverage for the first year of your purchase.
  • Even if you don't purchase a support warranty plan, we'll still repair issues on an individual basis for a one-time fee.

ELSAG® ALPR Technology: Raising the Bar

Leonardo is absolutely committed to developing ALPR innovations, but we’re also focused on advancing our existing ecosystem of ALPR products. How do we continue to improve the most rugged, most responsive and most reliable ALPR solutions in the industry? 

We listen to the needs, challenges and suggestions of our ALPR end-users in law enforcement, parking management, security and other industries, to identify new features and solutions that will increase their productivity and further aid their missions.

Our engineers love a new challenge — from research and development to quality control to rigorous field testing. And when it all culminates into successful trial runs, we roll out the improved version to the world, to better support vehicle-related missions and safer communities everywhere. Working together raises the bar faster.

Service and Support: Benefits


  • Budget assistance

    We educate you on the ROI and how to deploy your system in your agency for maximum efficiency. We also provide you with information and visibility into available grant options.

  • Technical training

    Our team is with you from day one. Our dedicated field team will be on-site for installation and training to ensure that everything operates properly and the users are confidant and comfortable with the system.

  • IT management

    The plate reader data can be hosted on your IT hardware, at your site or you can choose to host it on our cloud-based server. A cloud-based solution takes the IT management out of your day-to-day operations and places it under the watchful eye of Leonardo's support team.

Our commitment

We know our customers need meaningful and measurable ways to positively impact community safety. At Leonardo, we are passionate about creating an ethical, accurate and instant means of license plate reader data delivery.

Through continuous technological development, reliable and responsive 24/7 system support and compliant, real-time data captures, you’re equipped with the most efficient and effective LPR technology available today.