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Leonardo LMR Team Gets Ready for IWCE 2022

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The Leonardo team never misses the chance to participate and exhibit at the industry's biggest events.

So from March 21 - 24, you can find us at the IWCE conference in Las Vegas, Booth #2145.

We'll be showcasing our ECOS-D Multi-mode solution. Here's a sneak peek.

The features:

  • The ECOS-D multi-mode system can be configured as analog FM, DMR II, DMR III, APCO P25 or Dynamic Dual Mode (analog FM/DMR II and analog FM/P25).

  • System configurations for ECOS-D include multicast (cellular), simulcast or a hybrid combination of both.

  • Trunking architectures include fully centralized, fully distributed or a combination of both.

  • All of the modes, configurations and architectures are achieved within the footprint of the radio base station (RBS). No external hardware or equipment is required.

The benefits:

  • Flexible Software-Defined Platform. At Leonardo, our software-defined platform is designed with built-in resiliency so failures do not reduce functionality or impact the availability of your LMR network.

  • Improved Audio Quality. Our ECOS-D DMR digital modulation uses built-in error correction techniques to obtain a high audio quality for voice communications over the whole coverage area.

  • Increased Spectrum Efficiency. The two-slot TDMA on ECOS-D devices allow users to have two different logical channels in a single 12.5 kHz radio channel, which doubles the physical channel capacity.

Come take a closer look at Booth #2145, and be sure to ask us about our Peace of Mind Guarantee. See you in Vegas!