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Improve Communications In Critical Environments

With Our ECOS-D Multi-Mode Solution

Leonardo's ECOS-D digital mobile radio (DMR) software-defined solution provides users with flexible, innovative solutions to help improve communications.

Our ECOS-D system delivers high availability and performance in the most critical environments. Software-defined fail-overs and redundant functionalities are built into the network.

The complete ECOS-D DMR solution is fully compliant with the new ETSI DMR standards and provides users with an easy and seamless migration from an existing analog or legacy system to a digital network.

ECOS-D Multi-Mode Solution: Features

  • The ECOS-D multi-mode system can be configured as analog FM, DMR II, DMR III, APCO P25 or Dynamic Dual Mode (analog FM/DMR II and analog FM/P25).
  • System configurations for ECOS-D include multicast (cellular), simulcast or a hybrid combination of both.
  • Trunking architectures include fully centralized, fully distributed or a combination of both.
  • All of the modes, configurations and architectures are achieved within the footprint of the radio base station (RBS). No external hardware or equipment is required.

The Adaptable Platform

Legacy LMR technology platforms often have proprietary features and restrictions that result in forced obsolescence and upgrades. Another result is limited competition and increased costs.

That's why Leonardo's digital LMR solutions and architectures are based on state-of-the-art protocols that enable lower first and lifecycle costs, obsolescence protection and the flexibility to choose the combination of solutions that match your needs.

The Adaptable Platform

ECOS-D Multi-Mode Solution: Benefits

Flexible Software-Defined Platform
  • Flexible Software-Defined Platform

    At Leonardo, our software-defined platform has resiliency designed and built in so failures do not reduce functionality or impact the availability of your LMR network.

Improved Audio Quality
  • Improved Audio Quality

    Our ECOS-D DMR digital modulation uses built-in error correction techniques to obtain a high audio quality for voice communications over the whole coverage area.

Increased Spectrum Efficiency
  • Increased Spectrum Efficiency

    The two-slot TDMA on ECOS-D devices allows users to have two different logical channels in a single 12.5 kHz radio channel, which doubles the physical channel capacity.

Powerful, Software-Defined Technology

Leonardo uses resilient, open standards technology that is interoperable, all IP-based and built on a distributed architecture.

Our systems are engineered to operate from one box with simulcast and multi-mode software. Leonardo has experience and proven solutions.

Powerful, Software-Defined Technology