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Meet Mosaic: The Enhanced Connectivity and Coverage You Need Now

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In today's rapidly evolving world, seamless connectivity and reliable communication are indispensable. And in emergency situations, every second counts.  Could your land mobile radio (LMR) technology use a critical upgrade? Meet Mosaic.

Leonardo’s Mosaic communications solution is a heterogeneous communications suite that connects LMR networks with broadband systems via push-to-talk (PTT) over broadband technology.

Here's how you'll benefit from partnering with Leonardo and choosing Mosaic:

The connection of radio and broadband LTE/4G/5G standards changes everything. By allowing smartphones to talk to radios, regardless of the LMR coverage area, you'll be able to expand your communications capabilities beyond the range of any DMR, P25, or TETRA network. This means that individuals or teams can stay connected even in remote or challenging environments where traditional LMR networks may have limitations.  

Mosaic supports the various types calls you encounter on a daily basis. That includes group calls between a set of DMR radios and a set of smartphones (or vice-versa); direct individual calls between a smartphone and a DMR radio (or vice-versa); and group or individual emergency calls between the DMR radio and cellular domain.

Data exchange is now much easier. In addition to voice communication, Mosaic's integration of radio and broadband technology facilitates the exchange of text messages, images, and videos, between radios and smartphones. Have a quick update for your team? Need to coordinate a response quickly? No problem. Everyone involved will have access to relevant data to help them make informed decisions.

It's ideal for everyone. For mission critical control rooms and first responder organizations, Mosaic is reliable beyond LMR coverage limitations and allows dispatchers to communicate with all field personnel simultaneously. Moreover, Mosaic caters to the needs of the business sector by delivering not just voice but also text data, offering enhanced communication flexibility.

Want to learn more? Whether you're interested in integrating Mosaic with legacy communication systems or using it in a new network, we can help with both. Contact us today to discuss Mosaic's specific features, our Peace of Mind Guarantee, and any questions you have.