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Utility companies are under constant pressure to improve worker safety and business operations while ensuring reliable communications. You can't afford a break in communication, especially in the event of a natural disaster or other critical event.


A mission-critical event can happen in an instant. When you respond to a call, lives are on the line, and every second counts. You need a secure communications system you can rely on to protect both you and the community.


When you're responsible for keeping a high volume of trains, buses, light rail and other vehicles running at all times, you need a communications system you can rely on. You simply can't afford for trains to stop moving or buses to get behind schedule, and if an emergency occurs, it's critical you’re able to respond at a moment's notice.


Large enterprises have unique critical communications needs to ensure productivity and safety. At large campuses like assembly plants, refineries and airports, a break in communications is unacceptable. Shutting down a production line or closing an airport is not only costly, but it could also cause a safety risk for the employees and passengers.