Reliable And Secure LMR Systems

For Utilities Companies

Utilities companies are under constant pressure to improve worker safety and business operations while ensuring reliable communications. You can't afford a break in communication, especially in the event of a natural disaster or other critical event.

Leonardo's LMR systems for utilities companies help you address challenges with your critical communications while complying with all regulatory standards. Our flexible, adaptable solutions will help you rapidly respond to calls while ensuring the safety of your workers.

LMR Technology For Utilities Companies

No two utilities are alike, which is why you need LMR technology that addresses your exact needs. At Leonardo, we believe that your mission is our mission. That's why we provide solutions that work for your organization, not the other way around.

Our software-defined solutions can be tailored to meet your needs. One size does not have to fit all. We offer solutions based on open standards with multiple modes and architectures, which provides a choice of applications and user terminals, as well as flexibility to tailor a system to your requirements.

We frequently recommend digital mobile radio (DMR) for utilities due to its superior performance, low complexity and affordability. For some utilities companies, DMR may not be the best choice, such as those operating primarily in urban areas. For these utilities, we offer TETRA solutions as well.

The Benefits Of Leonardo's LMR Systems

We know the importance of keeping the lights on and maintaining reliable communications at all times – even in a remote, rural area – which is why resiliency is built into our technology.

Leonardo's LMR system is built on a software-defined platform that ensures hardware failure doesn't reduce functionality or impact the availability of your system. Additionally, this allows us to tailor the system to your specifications based on how you operate.