Fixed Plate Hunter ALPR SYSTEMS

Today's Most Advanced Fixed License Plate Readers

Leonardo's ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter ™ features the most sophisticated technology for critical infrastructure protection, ongoing investigations, real-time traffic monitoring, access control and toll collection.

A fixed ALPR camera is mounted on to key arteries and highways, bridges, tunnels and overpasses to monitor set locations. License plate data is captured 24/7 and the system remembers everything it sees.

ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter systems are critical tools in identifying traffic anomalies, criminal investigations, access control and toll collection.

The ELSAG Fixed ALPR systems read plates day or night, in all weather conditions, and from all 50 U.S. states as well as most foreign countries.


The Plate Hunter Fixed ALPR: System Features

Leonardo's ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter ALPR systems are the most accurate fixed automatic license plate reader available to constantly monitor sensitive areas.

The system has digital cameras — featuring built-in processors, a field control unit (FCU) and proprietary software — that capture images of license plates and cross-check each with hot lists to identify vehicles of interest.

Alarms are broadcast in real time to a command center, patrolling vehicles and/or mobile devices, for immediate reaction.

Our ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter also determines a vehicle's speed, providing data that helps to identify traffic patterns and automatically detect real-time traffic anomalies, such as jams, stationary vehicles on open traffic lanes and other dangerous occurrences.

The Fixed Plate Hunter:

  • Allows for data collected to be transferred to a storage server for future analysis in aiding investigations
  • Reads plates 24/7 in any type of weather


Privacy Protection Guarantee

At Leonardo, we are fully committed to deploying our ELSAG ALPR Systems within regulations established by state and local jurisdictions on an individual's right to privacy.

We do not gather data privately, sell access to it or retain it for longer than allowed. We research who we're selling our systems to, ensuring our customers have a legitimate use for the data. There is no way to shade the information with personal opinion because it's purely agnostic data.

Privacy Protection

Tech That’s Tailor-Made

When you work with an ELSAG system, you’re not simply purchasing a static piece of hardware or software. You're gaining a dynamic, flexible and highly customizable ALPR system with which we make continuous improvements based on customer feedback.

If an officer or IT manager thinks up a new feature, we'll figure out how to build it, rigorously test it and roll out the beneficial changes to the greater user base.

Tech That’s Tailor-Made

The ELSAG Plate Hunter Fixed ALPR Systems: Benefits

Data Management
  • Data Management

    The fixed ALPR systems can be mounted in stationary locations at a specific area of interest throughout a jurisdiction or deployed on a tripod for a portable solution. Data collected from the fixed cameras is sent to the ELSAG Enterprise Operations Center (EOC), where it can be stored for analytics or compared in real time to a variety of hot and white lists for enforcement purposes. Notifications can be set up to alert operators when a specific plate has been identified.

Hot And White List Matches
  • Hot And White List Matches

    Cameras, a processing unit and proprietary software allow operators to capture images of license plates and instantly compare them with millions of hot and white list records to identify vehicles of interest. Hot and white lists may be updated manually or wirelessly.

  • Safety

    A network of fixed cameras throughout a community can assist in a variety of safety initiatives, such as providing access to residents and guests of an HOA, identifying traffic patterns to reduce congestion, assisting police officers in criminal investigations, and collecting tolls for bridges, tunnels and tollways.


Your Mission Is Our Mission

We know your department needs meaningful and measurable ways to positively impact community safety. At Leonardo, we are passionate about creating an ethical, accurate and instant means of ALPR data delivery.

Through continuous technological development, reliable 24/7 system support and compliant, real-time data captures, you're equipped with the most efficient and effective ALPR technology available.

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