The ELSAG Video Plate Hunter 900 ALPR

Get the benefits of ELSAG ALPR security and parking management solutions with non-ALPR cameras

Ramp up your security, surveillance and parking management with automatic license plate reader software. Leonardo’s ELSAG Video Plate Hunter 900 offers versatility in security and parking management. It integrates with standard IP security cameras to create robust surveillance and security solutions using ALPR data such as license plate numbers and date/ time stamps.

Turn Standard IP Cameras Into a Powerful ALPR Security and Surveillance Solution


THE VPH900 makes your security system more flexible

Video is an invaluable surveillance and security tool. Now you can integrate your IP security cameras with the ELSAG VPH900 software to increase the power of your security system. From your camera’s video footage, the VPH900 captures the following data which can help more quickly identify suspect vehicles:

  • License Plate Number
  • Date Stamp
  • Time Stamp

The ELSAG VPH900 automatically compares each license plate number to hot lists to identify suspect vehicles, or to white lists for access control. Integrating your IP cameras with the ELSAG VPH900 is an affordable way to get the benefit of ALPR surveillance without the expense of ALPR cameras.


Download the VPH 900 Product Sheet

ELSAG® Plate Sentry Powered by gtechna®


Manage more lots in less time with less manpower

This turnkey security solution is designed to automate parking lot management, minimizing supervision and physical attendance. ELSAG Plate Sentry uses ELSAG VPH900 software to:

  • Constantly verify all vehicles entering and exiting a parking lot or garage, in real time.
  • Automate common tracking issues such as payment latency, parking overbooking, parking overflow, and much more.
  • Facilitate all three enforcement models: pay before entry, pay at entry, pay at exit
  • Supports short and long term parking permits
  • Provide quick access to data via a back office dashboard that reports violations, exception, occupancy, entry and exit events
  • Compare stats and trend analysis to guide parking operators to pre-plan enforcement and increase overall revenue and compliance.

ELSAG Plate Sentry’s payment model, Parking Rights, is certified with more than 35 meter & payment vendors around the globe.

Download the Plate Sentry Product Sheet


Automate Parking Management Using Standard IP Security Cameras


Use your existing Security Cameras with the ELSAG VPH900 ALPR software to save time and money

Integrate your standard IP video cameras with ELSAG VPH900 automatic license plate reader (ALPR) software for more efficient parking management. The VPH900 reads plate numbers of vehicles entering and exiting lots and garages, then automatically compares each one to white lists to validate permit holders, record the entry and exit times of vehicles, determine time parked, and much more. Save time and money with the ELSAG VPH900.


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