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3 Tips To Secure Grant Funding For An ALPR Law Enforcement System

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Grant funding is a helpful avenue for law enforcement agencies to implement the latest technologies that aid in deterring crime and protecting the community. However, with agencies outnumbering available grants, it’s critical to know the keys to obtaining grant funding.

If your agency is interested in pursuing grants to help with the purchase of a new ALPR system, being prepared is the number one factor for successfully securing federally funded financial aid. Follow these three tips to ensure your agency is ready:

Tip #1: Register With A Grant Service

Federal grant money is allocated to states at various times throughout the year. Counties, municipalities, state agencies and nonprofits may all be eligible for a grant when it becomes available at the state level.

To be notified when grants become available, register with a grant service like PoliceGrantsHelp.com. At no cost to your agency, you’ll receive alerts along with the necessary applications and a free review once you complete the application.

You also have access to law enforcement grant funding experts who can answer questions and provide guidance. Often, you have to make the case that the technology you’re seeking is going to reduce vehicle-related crimes. The experts can help you with the grant writing language.

Tip #2: Find An ALPR Provider That Offers Supporting Documentation

When it comes to grant writing, you’ll need supporting documentation for the claims you make. For example, if you claim that implementing an ALPR system will reduce vehicle crashes, injuries or fatalities in your jurisdiction, it helps to show hard evidence of this improvement occurring in other jurisdictions using ALPR technology.

Your ALPR system provider should offer guidance, documented case studies and even grant application templates that other law enforcement agencies have used successfully.

Tip #3: Work With A Highly Flexible ALPR System Provider

To secure grant funding, you may need to move quickly. You might have less than 30 days to meet the grant deadline. Often, you must meet specific conditions, which frequently includes having purchased the product prior to receiving the grant money.

To help ensure you secure funding, it’s critical to partner with an ALPR system provider that is highly flexible and functional. Find a vendor that can help you meet tight deadlines.

You can and should apply for law enforcement grant funding; otherwise, you could be leaving money on the table. By taking the time to prepare, you’ll increase your chances of obtaining grant funding to help you purchase an ALPR system.

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