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ALPR Success Story: Shoutout to Prospect Park & Upper Darby Township Police (PA)

There’s nothing like a success story of this magnitude to prove the efficacy and importance of ALPR technology—and the power of collaboration among law enforcement agencies across multiple jurisdictions.

The Alert

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Big News: Two tech Products Just Released for ELSAG ALPR Customers

After years of research and development, we are proud to announce the release of two innovative technology solutions: the ELSAG Make,Type and Color Recognition software (MTC) and the ELSAG Cloud Storage Solution (ECSS).  

Both products are now available to ELSAG ALPR users.

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Why Officer Feedback Should Guide ALPR System Features

ALPR technology is one of the most important tools in an officer’s tool belt. That’s why it’s critical to work with an ALPR system provider that refines product features based on officer feedback.

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4 Ways An ALPR System Protects Your Community And Patrol Officers

ALPR systems are an invaluable resource in helping to deter crime and keep communities safe. This technology is gaining popularity as officers become more familiar with its capabilities.

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3 Tips To Secure Grant Funding For An ALPR Law Enforcement System

Grant funding is a helpful avenue for law enforcement agencies to implement the latest technologies that aid in deterring crime and protecting the community. However, with agencies outnumbering available grants, it’s critical to know the keys to obtaining grant funding.

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How ALPR Technology Helped Law Enforcement With Drug Bust

With approximately 70% of all crimes connected to a vehicle, today’s law enforcement agencies need a way to increase real-time knowledge of criminal activity while ensuring officers are safe at all times.

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5 Key Ways To Reduce Vehicle-Related Crimes With ALPR Technology

The FBI reported that in 2015 motor vehicle theft was the most expensive of all property crimes, costing approximately $7,000 per crime. The 707,758 recorded motor vehicle thefts caused more than $4.9 billion in losses.

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