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ALPR Success Story: Shoutout to Anne Arundel County, MD

When an LPR hit plays a role in getting a convicted murderer three consecutive life sentences, we'd say that's one undeniable instance where the technology has more than paid for itself. Check out the most recent use case in our success story series.

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| Author Julio Valcarcel, tagged in Success stories

ALPR Success Story: NYPD Captures Suspect in the Hanukkah Celebration Stabbings

You have no doubt heard the disturbing story of a man breaking into Rabbi Chaim Rottenberg's home during a Hanukkah celebration in Monsey, New York in December, stabbing several victims. The story drew national attention, with people from all over the world showing their support and solidarity across social media.

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| Author Donna Murphy, tagged in Success stories

Watch How Duck, NC Uses FirstNet With Their LPR Info

FirstNet recently tweeted out this video below. Recognize the LPR technology? It's Leonardo's ELSAG Fixed Plate Hunter. Check it out.

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| Author Nate Maloney, tagged in Fixed ALPR, Success stories

ALPR Success story: Shoutout To Greenwich, CT Police

Thanks to help from license plate recognition technology and a smart, fast-acting police team in Greenwich, CT, a Shelton man who's been called the 'Jaws of Life' burglar and the 'ATM bandit' in headlines has been charged with quite the list of felonies.

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| Author Julio Valcarcel, tagged in Success stories, interdiction