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5 Key Ways To Reduce Vehicle-Related Crimes With ALPR Technology

The FBI reported that in 2018, a motor vehicle was stolen every 42.2 seconds in the United States. All in, 748,841 motor vehicles were stolen—which resulted in a whopping 6.3-billion dollar loss. 

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| Author Nate Maloney, tagged in ALPR, Stolen vehicle recovery

ALPR Success Story: Shoutout to the Horseheads Police Department

Horseheads_NYPSometimes, you're in the right place at the right time with your ALPR system—like this one officer in Horseheads, NY, who was tipped off during a routine sweep. The incident lead to not just one, but two arrests. 

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| Author Donna Murphy, tagged in Stolen vehicle recovery, drug arrest

"The LPR System Pays For Itself": An Interview With Detective Sal Aprile

An automatic license plate recognition system is a big investment for sure, but the technology essentially pays for itself when you consider its efficacy in recovering stolen cars. That's what Detective Sal Aprile of Lehigh County in Pennsylvania said in a quick one-on-one conversation with us about his agency's own use of LPRs, which they acquired in 2006-2007. Take a look.

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| Author Nate Maloney, tagged in license plate recognition, Stolen vehicle recovery