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3 Long-Term Strategy Solutions For LMR Value-Added Resellers

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The core tenets of reselling in the LMR space are changing more rapidly than the supporting technology. Growth and new revenue opportunities for LMR value-added resellers are diminishing as large manufacturers place restrictions on the equipment they allow resellers to sell, set increasingly difficult targets to be met and take away revenue opportunities that exist in support services.

As an LMR value-added reseller, you must adapt to this new landscape. Fortunately, viable options are available to help strengthen your business. You just have to know what to look for in an LMR solutions partner.

Look for these three strategic solutions from a manufacturer to bolster your long-term revenue growth goals:

1. Open Standards That Offer LMR System Design Flexibility

While technology is evolving and impacting the LMR industry, many customers are still using hardware-centric legacy systems, and they’re often locked into an inflexible system with few alternatives.

With a software-centric LMR system solution, you’re able to offer customers more options and greater flexibility. With open standards technology that is all IP-based, customers don’t have to buy additional equipment to make changes to the system. Such solutions provide seamless migration from an existing analog or legacy system to a digital network.

This approach also minimizes points of failure. Software-defined fail-overs and redundancies are built into the network, so if one part of the system fails, backup equipment takes over.

Any value-added reseller’s long-term strategy must include flexible LMR solutions. Reliable coverage via a flexible system designed to meet the end user’s exact needs is a key differentiator in the marketplace.

2. Responsive, High-End LMR System Maintenance Support 

Many larger manufacturers are taking back the installation support services that LMR value-added resellers provided. Instead of focusing solely on selling hardware, manufacturers are recognizing system maintenance support as another key piece of revenue. 

This is a critical piece of the value-added reseller business, and those lost revenue opportunities will affect your long-term profit strategy.

It’s critical to find an LMR manufacturer that:

  • Lets you continue to benefit from the revenue gained via offering support services
  • Provides the responsive system support you need to effectively serve your customers

Essentially, it’s a highly supportive partnership, where the LMR solutions manufacturer is helping you sustain an important revenue channel of your LMR value-added reseller business.

3. LMR System Training Certification Program

Everyone on your team should be trained on all of the equipment you’re selling and installing. When looking to partner with a manufacturer, make sure it offers a training certification program to teach your team members about its technology solutions.

A certification program shows that the manufacturer cares about having knowledgeable people install its LMR system solutions. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about training your staff or risking problems with unsatisfied customers.

In the end, you want to know and trust that you’re partnering with a flexible, supportive and responsive LMR solutions provider. Instead of feeling locked in, your partnership should be open to innovative technology solutions and revenue opportunities.

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