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Avoid These 5 Common Grant Application Mistakes

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At Leonardo, we understand the importance of securing grant funding for law enforcement agencies interested in purchasing automatic license plate recognition system.

That's why we constantly update our blog with the latest list of available grants and their deadlines.

However, we also recognize that the grant application process can be complex. And while our team is happy to help you through the process, we wanted to share this valuable resource with you.

The Most Common Grant Application Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Lexipol's Connect 2022 conference featured a 20-minute on-demand session led by Police1's grants team, which covers common mistakes that agencies often make when applying for grants. In this session, they discussed five key mistakes to avoid.

Here are just two of the five that they cover.

1. Failure to demonstrate financial need.

Samantha Dorm, Grants Specialist at Lexipol, says every grant is going to be a little bit different in how detailed this information should or could be. But she says you should always have this kind of information readily on file, and consider these points:

  • What's coming in and going out? (Your revenue and expenses.)
  • Clarify earmarked and contingency funds.
  • Money in the bank doesn't mean money is available.
  • It's not about the department budget, but the community finances as a whole.
  • For some grants, they'll request that you actually put in a copy of your budget and perhaps a copy of your most recent financial audit.

2. Addressing wants versus needs.

Dan Rogers, Assistant Chief of the Witt Volunteer Fire Department and a Senior Grant Consultant for Lexipol & FireGrantsHelp, says he often sees departments looking for a certain piece of equipment, maybe because a neighboring department got it, and it's not necessarily a need of the department more than it is a want. 

"We have to remember that everything we put down on paper, everything we request, we have to adequately justify in the character count they've given us," he says.

It's very important that you're able to put a solid need down and justify the request itself, he adds.

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To watch the full session and learn more, head here to Lexipol's website.

To receive free grant assistance, submit a request here.