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[VIDEO] Leonardo's Jorge Morelos Talks LPR for Smart Cities

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Jorge Morelos, Leonardo's Technical Sales Manager for Latin America, was recently invited to participate in a webinar with Andina Link and CAIoT (Argentina’s Chamber of IoT) to talk about how LPR cameras can help improve the safety and mobility in Smart Cities.

Watch the full webinar here—or check out Jorge's webinar wrap-up below. (Please note, the webinar is in Spanish.)

How Smart Cities are Using LPR Data

"Multiple customers around the globe use Leonardo’s LPR solutions not just for safety projects, like recovering stolen vehicles and investigating organized crime. More and more, cities are using the LPR information to attend to common city problems like parking, recovering taxes and fines, traffic, and mobility," he says.

"For example, with LPR data, the cities can constantly monitor which and how many vehicles move to different locations of the city at different times of the day. Then, they use the information to plan new roads or to add public transportation options to reduce traffic and contamination. Other cities—in order to give free parking to their citizens but only for a certain period of time—use LPR infrastructure to check how long each vehicle has been parked in the area and if the vehicle has passed the permitted parking time a ticket can be printed or delivered by mail."

Another city, he adds, used the historic and live LPR data to assess how COVID-19 affected the vehicles on the road and found that at the worst peak the reduction was only 30%.  

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