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5 Reasons Not to Partner with Leonardo for LMR Solutions

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From mission-critical events to daily communications, your land mobile radio (LMR) system must be airtight in its reliability and performance. The safety of your staff, customers, and community depends on it. That makes the search for an LMR solutions provider that much more important.

Whether you work in utilities, public safety, transportation, or at large enterprises, you likely already know what you need for your operations—but how do you discern one provider from another? Which company is best for you and your needs?

Is Leonardo, for example, the right LMR solutions provider for you?

Here are five reasons you may want to rule us out:

1. Because you like being told that the equipment you purchased is obsolete.

Customers who wish to expand are often required to upgrade or replace their existing infrastructure because new equipment can no longer operate on it. If you don’t mind using up your budget by replacing what already works for you, Leonardo isn’t for you.  Our new Peace of Mind Guarantee includes a 5-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year non obsolescence guarantee. This industry-best guarantee values and protects the investment our customers have already made.

2. Because you like limited options.

Do you prefer a manufacturer who only offers proprietary technology at inflated prices? And do you prefer buying new subscribers because your existing ones won’t work with your infrastructure? Then don’t partner with us; we are fully committed to open standards and designs systems that works with many of our competitors' equipment. We hold 19 interoperability certificates from major manufacturers like Kenwood, Motorola and Tait, ensuring flexible and affordable options for your needs.

3. Because when your equipment fails, you prefer to fix it on your own.

If you have grown accustomed to terrible customer service and resolving problems on your own, Leonardo is not for you. Our five-year Peace of Mind Guarantee, combined with our technical support team in Kansas and our resellers in the field, ensures our customers have immediate and effective service when an issue arises. Only partner with us if you are looking for responsive, U.S.-based support available 24/7 at no added cost.

4. Because you have unlimited budget for upgrades.

If money is no object, and you enjoy paying for new equipment and stranding your old equipment in order to change operating modes, Leonardo is definitely not for you. We're designed for other customers who prefer software-defined infrastructure that allows them to switch from analog to DMR or P25, DMR Tier II to Tier III, or from multicast to simulcast—all without adding hardware or stranding the hardware you’ve already invested in. Leonardo’s ECOS-D base station easily adapts to meet not our customers current, but also their future communication needs.

5. Because you don’t like or want service at a local level.

If you prefer explaining your problem multiple times to nameless, faceless people from call centers far, far away, Leonardo is not the partner for you. Some manufacturers step in and cut off the connection you have with the local reseller shop where you previewed and purchased your equipment. They require you to contact the manufacturer for issues rather than getting that support locally. Us? We value and respect our local dealers and the relationships they've built with their end-users. When our tech support is needed, we are there for you, but we also know having that local connection is convenient and helpful too.

In all seriousness though...

 At Leonardo, we are a globally recognized leader in land mobile radio (LMR) solutions. We have deployed our DMR, TETRA and P25 systems in over 50 countries around the globe, including the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We take pride in the fact that our Overland Park, Kansas, facility is staffed with engineers and technical experts to support the Americas LMR business. We have full system integration capabilities as well as stocking of finished goods, spare parts and renewal parts. In addition, our customer support help line is staffed with LMR experts in Kansas.

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