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How to Know If You Have The Right LMR Manufacturer Partner

In the world of land mobile radios, whether you build critical communications networks or use them, it’s essential to forge trusting relationships with partners who will help you succeed. The investment is substantial, the missions are critical, and the stakes are high.

You may be rethinking your existing relationships with LMR manufacturers or looking to expand your product offerings — either way, this guide shares crucial considerations about what to look for when partnering with an LMR manufacturer.

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| Author Nate Maloney, tagged in customer support, interoperability, open standards

What Exactly is Land Mobile Radio?

Whether you’ve realized it or not, you've probably seen Land Mobile Radio systems in use right before your own eyes—by your utility company, a public safety responder, or perhaps within your own organization. But if you’re new to your industry or haven’t yet dealt with LMR systems, it can be a tough concept to grasp.

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| Author Nate Maloney, tagged in interoperability, open standards, LMR, DMR

3 Key Characteristics Of A Contemporary, Resilient LMR System Solution

Resiliency for your two-way radio communications isn’t just about enhancing your
daily operations – it’s about being able to communicate during man-made or natural disasters. If your LMR system is aging, are you confident you’ll have complete connectivity when your team truly needs it?

A contemporary LMR solution that can be paired with open systems is the best way to achieve full resiliency and ensure first responders have connectivity that’s built for public safety and critical infrastructure users.

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| Author Bill Fredrickson, tagged in interoperability, critical communications, public safety, resiliency