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Leonardo & Warsaw, Poland: Working Together Through A DMR System

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In the first quarter of 2019, Leonardo was awarded the opportunity to provide the Warsaw Metropolitan Police Headquarters with a Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system. This system allows voice and data transmission through a web-based control center via 24 re-transmission stations working in the LAN network, connected by microwave links. 

As a part of the order, in cooperation with Xentia, dispatch consoles were also implemented to manage radio terminals and display their positions on georeferenced maps to coordinate patrols. Because of the DMR Tier 3 simulcast technology, Leonardo’s system allows radio coverage of nine regions with a total area of 5,584 square kilometers. The entire network infrastructure is managed by a Leonardo server.

We're excited to strengthen Leonardo's position in the Polish professional radiocommunication sector; our goal is to strengthen strong ties with Polish clients and create new business opportunities there.

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