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A Roundup of Praise for License Plate Readers

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While our ELSAG team could go on and on about the efficacy and benefits of LPRs, it's important for you to hear it from others too. Not only can third-party testimonials from across the U.S.—whether they're from our clients or not—give you relatable insights, they can make your conversations with others (the powers that be, perhaps) more credible and convincing. 

To that point, we rounded up a host of online articles over the past few years and pulled out quotes that speak to the advantages of LPRs and convey what agency heads think of the technology. Here they are, verbatim:

"A Tremendous Program"

In an April 2019 CBS News article titled Freeport Mayor Gushes Over Success Of License Plate Readers As Crime DeterrentFreeport Mayor Robert Kennedy said: “I really didn’t realize how effective it would be. I am just amazed now when I sit down with police and I look at facts, and I look at the reduction in crime, and the safety to the police officers. It has just been a tremendous program. I’m really hoping to expand it. It’s quality of life for the residents.” 

"31 Percent Increase in Arrests"

In January 2019, Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago announced the rollout of the first of 200 new LPR-equipped police cars—adding to the 40 they've already been using. “The cars build on the city’s larger strategy that has resulted in an 18 percent reduction in incidents of carjacking, and a 31 percent increase in arrests compared to last year,” the mayor’s office said in a news release. Read the full article here

"Highly Useful Piece of Technology"

Although an older article, we really like the stats and coverage in this Government Technology story about the Arizona Department of Public Safety's successful use of LPRs. The governor at the time, Janet Napolitano, was quoted as saying: "This is an amazing and highly useful piece of technology. They are efficient and will in time have a dramatic impact on the recovery of stolen vehicles in our state, whether they are used for human trafficking, drug dealing or to strip and sell."

"VERY Happy with It"

Within days of switching on the last of their new LPRs, Carlsbad in California discovered three stolen vehicles and arrested three suspects. In this San Diego Union-Tribune article posted in December 2018, Carlsbad police Capt. Mickey Williams said: "We're very happy with it. We had an overwhelmingly positive response, especially once people learned the facts. It’s important for everyone to know there is no personal identifying information (in the system). There is no way to learn the driver or the registered owner with it.”

"Extremely Helpful"

Madison County in Illinois is quietly expanding their LPR technology, according to Madison County State's Attorney Tom Gibbons. In a May 2019 article on The Intelligencer, Gibbons said the cameras they've already been using on the Clark Bridge have been very successful. "“We found in several of our murder cases the ability to pinpoint a specific vehicle and a person in a specific vehicle at a specific time on the bridge has allowed us to create a timeline and we’ve used that in trials. It’s been extremely helpful.”

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