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3 Creative Ways to Expand Your Agency's LPR Network

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If your law enforcement agency already utilizes license plate reader (LPR) technology, you know how incredibly effective it is when it comes to thwarting auto thefts, locating missing children, and adeptly solving a myriad of other cases.

In fact, if you're like most LPR-equipped agencies, you want more. More coverage, more cameras, and more data—but ideally, without needing much more funding.

Good news: It's entirely possible to further safeguard your community by expanding your network for less money

Check out the latest free guide created by both Leonardo and Police1: Growing Your Agency's License Plate Reader Network (Without Breaking the Bank)

What's inside:

  • Tips on how to optimize your LPR resources when budgets are limited
  • Advice on partnering with local groups, businesses, and parking management companies
  • How to access a larger bank of data (and why you should share yours with other jurisdictions) 
  • Details on the ELSAG Street Sentry and its surprising affordability 
  • Examples of how specific police departments make the most of their LPR technology

Get the free guide right here.