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Frequently Asked Questions About Our ELSAG LICENSE PLATE READERS

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From our extremely knowledgeable sales team to our 24/7 technology support team, we’re always on call and happy to talk you through any questions or comments you might have as you research automatic license plate recognition systems. That said, we completely understand that sometimes you’re short on time, and all you might want are answers to some very specific questions.

To that end, here you’ll find a few of the most frequently asked questions we get about our ELSAG ALPR systems, along with our answers. If you don’t see any of your questions on our list, schedule a call or shoot us an email. We’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can you take the mobile ALPR cameras through the car wash?

Yes. Our mobile cameras are completely sealed in order to withstand all weather conditions—making them capable of going through car washes. To be safe though, you may want to speak with your car wash operator to ensure that their equipment will not become snagged on any cameras or cables. We also recommend using a "touchless" style wash or avoiding car washes that use high pressure spray. 

Can the camera be mounted on an SUV?

Yes, our cameras can be aimed from the roof of SUVs. Using our aiming guide and following the measurement pattern will result in a true aim to capture the sweet spot and get the optimal aim point for each camera.

Do you have custom solutions for the cameras?

Our standard mobile and fixed cameras are sealed to the elements and designed to be mounted on the exterior vehicles or alongside the road. In fact, we have a variety of prebuilt covert mobile and fixed solutions in which the cameras are concealed behind special IR emissive glass. But we can also work with you to design a covert LPR solution that meets your needs. We’re always open to hearing our clients’ ideas and testing them out; innovation comes from everywhere, and we want our products to be exactly what you need.

How do I get the hot list?

The lists are provided directly to your law enforcement agency from several sources, such as the FBI's National Crime Information Center; a state agency that provides support to law enforcement like a Division of Criminal Justices or DMV, for example; or municipal government offices—like a parking authority office that would provide a white list of people authorized to park or a hot list of people who should be booted or towed because they have too many parking tickets. What we provide is a service that converts your lists into a format that can be imported into the LPR system.

Who has access to the LPR data?

While some of our competitors sell their clients’ data to third parties, Leonardo does not, and will never, sell or share your data with anyone. Your data is yours alone, and it’s up to your internal team to decide who can access the LPR data. (For more on data, open up this blog post to read next.) Some agencies choose to share their data with adjoining agencies for investigative purposes but that is up to the individual agency to decide.

Do you know of any grants?

Absolutely. We receive grant alerts regularly, and have started posting a roundup of new, updated, and still open grants here on the blog. Here’s a list with several 2019 deadlines for states across the country.

What question do you have?

Schedule a consultation with an ALPR technology specialist or simply reach out via email to alprinfo@leonardocompany-us.com with your question.