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Three Things You Should Know About Your License Plate Reader Data

You have no doubt heard a lot about data in the news recently. Between massive data breaches, corporate accounts being hacked and cyber attacks, it is easy to see why people are concerned about just how their data is stored and who has access to it. 

At Leonardo, we value our customer's trust and are committed to protecting their interests. Our license plate recognition cameras and solutions collect data that enable you to reduce crime in your communities, provide evidence in investigations, alert you to speed violators and assist in locating missing persons and stolen property.

So, with all of that data being collected, how do you know it is safe?

Here are three things you should know if you currently use license plate readers or are thinking about using them in the future:

1. It's your data. No one should share or sell it. Leonardo does not, and will never, sell or share your data with anyone. You may be surprised to know that some of our top competitors sell your data to third parties. We believe your data is yours alone to manage and benefit from. If you choose to share data in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies using ELSAG systems, you are in full control to do that. When considering who to partner with when you're ready to purchase fixed or mobile cameras, be aware that some of our competitors are in the news currently for selling data to third parties. 

2. Know where (or if) your data is stored. Some of our competitors store your data on their servers, leaving you vulnerable to data breaches and allowing them to share that data with others. At Leonardo, we do not store your data. You have the option of using your own server or our cloud-based storage service which enables you to manage and access your data when needed to aid in investigations. This cloud-based storage service is CJIS-compliant and our technical team that does have access to your data are required to pass background checks. Two more things you should expect from the ALPR solutions company you decide to do business with.

3. A company should be transparent about their data policy. Before entering into a contract , you should know exactly how your data is going to be accessed and stored. If you find a lack of transparency, that should be a red flag. At Leonardo, we are proud of our record of data integrity and are happy to share our data policy with you.  

The relationships we have with our customers who have invested in our license plate recognition systems are extremely important to us. Ensuring your data is managed properly is just one of the ways we honor that relationship.